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20 Years of Windows 95 with Classic Sounds %4000 Slower

windows 95


Windows 95

Take a trip down memory lane. It's been 20 years since Windows 95 came on the market and revolutionized computer processing as we know it. There's been much progress in how we utilize computers in our daily lives and today such devices are readily available to much of the population. August 24th marked the anniversary of Windows 95 and to celebrate the occasion, producer Daniel Jones, aka ideoforms, chose to do something rather creative with the iconic startup sounds.

Ambient and atmospheric are two words to describe the classic Windows startup sounds when they are slowed by %4000. The tones are remarkably beautiful and, in a way, meditative which is a surprise to those who remember the bleeps and bloops that announced the loading of the operating system. It's a unique take on something we are so far removed from that we sometimes forget what it was like back then. When things didn't just happen at the push of a button. We had to wait. So here is Daniel Jones' tribute to the old school, the classic and the forgotten.

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