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Artist Focus Chart: Butch Selects Top 5


With a career spanning over 20 years, Butch is drawn to the deep and hypnotic side of dance music. With releases on such labels as Desolat, Cocoon, Rekids, Sei Es Drum and more, the Mainz raised artist has maintained a steady schedule of gigs at iconic venues such as fabric, Time Warp and his residency at Berlin's Watergate.

He's captivated the minds of both techno and house fans alike, which is evident from his diverse style of production. We've asked Butch to select 5 of his very own tracks that he think's describes his style. He wasn't all to keen about picking just 5 of his tracks stating, "I love them all, for these here I just hold an even more special place in my heart." With that being said, he did in fact manage to share some of his most brilliant productions. 

Butch's new EP titled 'Dope' will be released on Play It Say It on September 25th.

1. Butch & C. Vogt - The Infamous (Original)

Making this was really a goose-bump-producing process, where all along I had this intense feeling we were making something special. It starts with such a cinematic feel to it and immediately puts me into a mood I just love. When Christian played his solo on the track I knew we had what I'€™d been looking for.

2. Butch - Nomad

Nomad really took me on a trip making and then listening to it and I had the feeling I had really succeeded at making what I wanted to hear myself. That'€™s exactly what an intense club experience sounds like to me.

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3. Butch - Soul leaves Body

Man, this is an accurate portrait of what goes on when I go deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of the night. Outer body consciousness shit!

4. Butch n Virginia - From Above

Virginia came to Mainz and she is just the loveliest person on the planet. She'€™s my sister. Working with her and realizing my vision of something so alive and organic and entrancing was a dream come true to me.

5. Butch ft. Benjamin Franklin - Faith

I loved working with Benny and I really feel that this song breaths. Back in the late 90s I had nothing but my faith that one day I could really live a great life and my faith was the only thing that kept me going.

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