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Ashes57 Directs Video for DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad - 'Dubby' Feat. Danny Brown

Footwork at it's finest. When DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad collaborate you know your going to get an outstanding production. The two artists grew up together in Chicago and helped pioneer the footwork movement that would forever be synonymous with DJ Spin's TEKLIFE crew. Now we are presented with a gritty video, shot and edited by Ashes57, for 'Dubby' featuring vocals by Danny Brown. A jazzy number with intricate percussion and a bassline that crushes, the track will be released with DJ Spinn's new Off That Loud EP on the Hyperdub label on October 2nd.

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RIP to DJ Rashad, a leading figure in the underground who passed away in 2014. His vision lives on with his great friend and artist Ashes57 raising money for his family with her art and also raising awareness for the footwork genre. She's the renowned artist behind the Swamp 81 label art with her distinct character's taking over urban environments with music and freedom of expression.

Big up to THE ERA crew for laying down some footwork moves in the video, like no others in the scene can.

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