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Avicii Falls For deadmau5 Twitter Troll And So Do We

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Avicii Falls For deadmau5 Twitter Troll

Twitter beefs are getting a bit out of control as of late. If you weren't paying attention (which you probably shouldn't be if I'm being honest) the two Electronic Music titans faced off on Twitter this weekend firing insults back and forth. deadmau5 was antagonizing Avicii so badly that it was almost like he was trying to steal his girlfriend at a bar and humiliate him. Intentionally spelling his name wrong, etc.

Avicii Falls For deadmau5 Twitter Troll
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Is it funny or is it sad? Maybe it's a little of both but one thing is for sure, all this shit talk is a lot easier on Twitter. Let's see some face to face shit talking, it's easy to type in 140 haterade characters, it's a lot harder to walk up to someone and look them in the eye and say it.

Or maybe an ultra featherweight boxing match between these two, a Troll title fight in Vegas... now that would be interesting. Probably a lot more interesting than an Avicii festival set, that's for sure.

Bigger OpEd is coming tomorrow on this.

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