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BREAKING: Martin Garrix Leaves Spinnin' Records

Marin Garrix

Today Martin Garrix pulled a surprise move and decided to leave Spinnin' Records, the label that helped launch is career, as well as ditch his management company MusicAllstars Management. In a statement made on his Facebook page he cleared the air and confirmed the rumors that had been circulating. In the end, it came down to the rights over the music, which he creates.

At just 19 Martin Garrix is at the top of the EDM pecking order. We recently announced that he was one of the top earning DJs of 2015, earning approximately $17 million, thats more than Deadmau5, Afrojack and Diplo. We suspect that with this new break-up between him and his label it sounds like he's on to do some exciting things on his own. Read the full statement made by Garrix below and check back with us for more news and updates coming soon.

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