BREAKING: Spinnin' Records Responds to Martin Garrix Departure

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In the wake of the sudden departure of Martin Garrix from his original label, Spinnin' Records, and his management, MusicAllStars, the record label has made a statement in response. It is with deep regret that this cooperative had to come to a close, but the terms by which Martin Garrix was requesting would not be met by the label. In an age where artists are not being compensated properly for the work they produce it's only fitting that Martin Garrix part ways and embark on the next chapter of his career without Spinnin' Records.

Spinnin' Records goes on to say how proud they are of the success that Martin Garrix has endured over his young career. They are in fact the label that helped launch him into superstardom and have allowed him to grow into the artist he is today. Spinnin' will continue to stick by their vision of releasing cutting edge dance music and I'm sure we can count on another bright rising star to featured on the label in the future.

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You can read the full statement made by Spinnin' Records and check back with us for more information coming soon.

Spinnin' Records statement on martin garrix

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