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<strong>Bound in masks and bearing a fully customized twist on the sound of modern dance music, Stockholm-breakouts turned Billboard-chart toppers Cazzette have turned heads across the board. </strong> The creative union of Alexander Bjorklund and Sebastian Furrer, their reign under the At Night banner has given the industry landscape a new point of reference where breaking the rules and blurring the lines is concerned. Three years later, one album strong and still holding club floors and festival crowds across the continents, their pledge to stay clear of ‘that EDM bubble’ stands stronger than ever before for 2015. At the outset of 2014, Cazzette have found what they want to represent and it sure isn’t limited to 128 BPM. Crossing genre conventions and building on their legacy with a focus on songs that they love, successful ICONS Music singles ‘Sleepless’ and ‘Blind Heart’ signaled the changing tides ahead, putting music with feeling at the top of their agenda and racking significant Billboard and global chart success along the way. Still renowned for flipping the switch with their Hype Machine charting bootlegs, Cazzette keep the masses on their toes at every given opportunity. A bond of Swedish engineering and their own vivid imaginations, the focus on both live and studio work highlights yet another of the beauties of Cazzette. On the approach to their forthcoming Desserts EP, lead single ‘Together’ acts as the first exciting installment of one of their biggest releases to date. When the music evolves, the experience follows suit. Made in Sweden, exported globally and controlled by no one genre’s playbook, Cazzette has truly taken control of their place in dance music’s exciting forward movements for years to come.

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