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Daft Punk Immortalized as Action Figures

Daft Punk Action Figures

The music of Daft Punk has already immortalized the legendary producers more than anyone thought possible. Their music can be described as timeless and it's safe to say that generations in the future will still be drawn to their unmistakable style. With that being said, their music isn't the only thing that will carry on the Daft Punk name as they have just announced that new action figures of the dance music icons will be released in 2016.

This isn't the first time Daft Punk has been made into dolls. In 2013 the duo were first made into toys by Bandai, sporting the classic black leather look. This time around they'll be draped in all white, representing the outfits they wore at last years Grammy's.

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The new action figures will not be cheap, costing £100... For more information and pre-order click here.

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