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Dillon Francis' Alter Ego DJ Hanzel Goes Deeper on Diplo & Friends

DJ Hanzel

As one of the more creative artist in dance music, Dillon Francis' identity crisis is amusing, original and brilliant. His alter ego DJ Hanzel shows a contrasting style to his Moombahton-esque bass music that fans have grown accustomed to. It's a clear example of why people love his antics and are always eager to hear what he's working on. This past Saturday DJ Hanzel was featured on BBC Radio 1's Diplo & Friends Takeover, kicking off Dillon Francis because, as Diplo said, “He wasn’t getting deep enough.” Enjoy the new mix and let’s see if we can get a DJ Hanzel tour organized soon.

See what DJ Hanzel is doing on Twitter.

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Hanzel - Diplo and Friends - 16-Aug-2015 by Edmninja on Mixcloud

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