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DJ Mag Calls BS On BBC Club Report

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Yesterday, the BBC released a mini-doc exploring the reasons behind the trend of club closures in the UK after stats were released showing that nearly half of London's clubs had closed in the past decade. The piece, which pinned the blame on a movement from club culture to festival culture, was quickly picked up across the mainstream media.

Now, DJ Mag has taken issue with the BBC Newsbeat report, insisting that it doesn't tell the full story in an op-ed that instead points to governmental regulation and restrictive policies that are suffocating the livelihood of UK clubs.

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Did The Arches in Glasgow shut recently because nobody wanted to go there anymore? Absolutely not. It didn’t close, either, because everybody was saving their money for T In The Park.

Mark Lawrence from the Association for Electronic Music pinned the changes on "a combined threat from licensing, politics, legislation, and economics. From Sydney to London to Bangalore, policies are increasingly being imposed on nightlife, limiting music to before midnight, forcing breathalyzers or sniffer dogs on queuing patrons or simply saying ‘no’ to licenses and new ventures."

I encourage you to head towards DJ Mag to read their full op-ed.

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