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#EDM Tag Banned On Instagram

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#EDM Tag Banned On Instagram

The hashtag #EDM has seemingly been banned by Instagram. No one really seems to have the answer to why this has happened as news spreads through the electronic dance music community and blogosphere. This is not a new thing, Instagram has been banning hashtags for a while now that didn't fit within their community guidelines. Anything that would drive people to pornography, inappropriate or illicit content, etc. is taken out of the mix.

So #EDM seems rather benign doesn't it? One can only wonder if this has happened in the wake of so many festival deaths and people using the hashtag to show suggestive images, drugs, etc. This is, of course, only speculation, but it seems logical that this might be the root of it.

Recently Holy Ship used social media to find party goers doing things that they didn't deem appropriate and those patrons were not allowed back on the ship. #BigBrotherIsWatchingYou. 

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The platform has banned all sorts of hashtags that seemed innocuous, so who knows... maybe they find #EDM too generic. You might have a lot of advocates for that one considering the negative connotations EDM has taken on over the last couple years.

Instagram does have a statement for such blocks. dug this one up below.

“We block (i.e. make unsearchable) certain hashtags when they are consistently being used to share images and videos that violate our Community Guidelines,” the rep added. “In this case, #curvy was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity," an official statement read.

So is this the end of #EDM. Time will tell, hopefully we will have some better answers soon.

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