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Evian Christ Comes to Lights Down Low SF


So it has been told and so it continues, 30,000 dogs died in the Trance Wars. Or at least so says Evian Christ and David Rudnick. I'm not quite sure what that's all about, but come Thursday night at Monarch for Lights Down Low, I'm aiming to find out at what this Evian Christ character is all about. I've heard it's a little bit ambient, a little bit trap and bass music, but a whole lot of awesome. Also along for the ride and ready to deliver are Marco De La Vega and the always consistent master of all things DJ Richie Panic. What more do you need to know? BUY THE TICKETS ALREADY AND SPEND YOUR LIFE IN NIGHTCLUBS!

Evian Christ

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Yeezus collaborator and also a producer rumored to be on the new Kanye West album coming out soon, Evian Christ is going to do wonderfully gnarly things to the rave cave at Monarch. He's been signed to Warp, and he's only doing a limited tour of the United states as of yet, so don't be left in the dust, get your tickets RIGHT NOW!

If you'd like to learn more about Evian Christ & David Rudnick's Trance War Memorial, be my guest by clicking here! It's absolutely intriguing and you can view an awesome photo from the memorial below.


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