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Evian Christ Locked Up At Leeds Festival

Evian Christ


(photo credit: Tonje Thilesen)

Over the weekend Evian Christ ran into a bit of trouble after his gig at Leeds Festival when security put him in a holding cage for an unspecified amount of time. This was all due to the fact that the guards thought he was trying to break into the festival. After the incident his Reading Festival gig was cancelled. Things like this shouldn't happen to performing artists at these types of events and there has yet to be a statement made by the festival in response. Evian took to twitter to document this fiasco and you can read more below.

UPDATE: Festival organizer Melvin Benn spoke with NME stating, "Evian was found in a not very good state in the woods, without being able or willing to disclose who he was. He was effectively held till we knew who he was. He certainly wasn't prevented from performing under any circumstances. It was his decision not to perform, not the festival's."

Evian Christ Response: "...we have big issues with regulation of police and private security services in the uk, nobody should be detained in a cage by an employer because they can't find their car. didnt really want to go into this much detail publicly and im absolutely fine, but when you see defamatory quotes flying around you kinda have to say something. anyway have a nice week fuck leeds fest xo evian" - Evian Christ Facebook

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