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Exclusive: Aggborough - Bats

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OTB004 Aggborough cover

I'm so amped to be able to premiere Aggborough's new track “Bats” today. Wistful and plodding, “Bats” saunters forth with a techno thump that's not for the faint of heart. It eases its way into your eardrums through its snaking rhythms, then cracks a road to the soul when they all turn onto the clap, giving its thunderous, crashing kick more impact every time it returns.

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The B-side, “Modal”, is more heady and melodic, traipsing in its warmth before throwing in a heavy undercurrent.

Aggborough, a former member of Joe And Will Ask, was also responsible for OTB002 The Answer To Everything / MitzpeRamon, which was supported by big names like Laurent Garnier, Answer Code Request, Slam, and Mano Le Tough. Bats / Modal received a vinyl release on OTB Records earlier this month as OTB004, but this is its online debut of the track. This is not your everyday techno: check it out on Juno.

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