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Exclusive Podcast & Interview: SevenDoors (Diynamic/Exploited)


Our guest mix today comes from a new producer with a mysterious identity from the UK. Although very new, he's already put out music on some very significant dance labels such as Sincopat, Exploited, & of course Diynamic which is where his massive tune "Movement Of Whale" calls home. Additionally, he's on the verge of releasing some key remixes including a new one by Adana Twins and his highly anticipated re-rub of Icarus' "Don't Cry Wolf".


Not only has SevenDoors graced us with a mind-expanding 67 minute mix of mind-altering tunes, he has also answered five necessary questions we had for him regarding his identity.

1. Inquiring minds want to know, who is SevenDoors?

SevenDoors was born deep within the Forest with the Ghost of a White Deer, a headless Woman riding on a Horse and black Hounds that bring bad luck to all who see them.

2. How did the name SevenDoors come about?

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Like life music consists of many doors, opening more doors will expand your mind, and which door might you choose.

3. Describe SevenDoors' musical style.

Seductive - Emotional - Silence Of The Lambs - Movement Of Whale.

4. Your tune "Movement Of Whale" really did take on a life of it's own. How did you come up with the tune?

I have dedicated this song to someone close who is no longer with us, It’s like Whales making love under water - appreciating nature, life and love.

5. When can we expect SevenDoors to start DJ'ing/touring?

SevenDoors is a new project and might come to your city by next year.

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