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Fool's Gold Day Off Preview With Nick Catchdubs

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This year's been a renaissance for Fool's Gold Records. As one of the more influential labels in dance music, Fool's Gold specializes in breaking new acts and bringing them into the spotlight, and this year's top-notch lineup continues their reputation for excellence with stalwarts like Action Bronson, A-Trak, and Gladiator alongside newcomers like Madeaux, Leaf, and Bosco. To get a sense of the label's plans for Day Off, and where they're going next, we spoke with co-founder Nick Catchdubs about the inspiration behind Day Off.

“The first one was in New York, it was in a parking lot, Yelawolf headlined,” he reminisces. ”You go from a free thing for a couple hundred kids in Manhattan to thousands of people all across the country.” Talking about the brand's continual expansion, Nick stresses Fool's Gold's desire for purposeful growth. “We never believed in trying to doing it as big as possible as soon as you get the opportunity,” he explains. “You want it to feel natural. You don't want to feel like you're cheating people or squeezing them for their money.” Day Off takes place in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and this year they're making an inaugural appearance in Austin, with Earl Sweatshirt headlining.

Nick sees the events as hugely important for the label's culture. “It's people hanging out for a day. We're throwing a party and everybody's coming together and mixing there. That's always going to make for better collaborations and better music than sending e-mail.”

He shared some insight into their curation process as well. “We put out Tchami's first single, we put out Kid Cudi's first single, there's always going to be that sense of discovery when it comes to a Fool's Gold release. Everything we've put out is because we felt it needed to be out, it needed to be pushed, rather than aw shit, it's March, let's put out a banger.”

“We took the same care in selecting the lineup, and even programming the times people are playing throughout the day. We try to put our new acts on later in the day so they really get their chance to shine: in a perfect world, everyone plays at midnight, but I think there's ways to have that feel at 2pm. It's all about the pacing, we always like to say the Day Off is structured like a DJ set in a way that sets it apart from other fests.”

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Grab your tickets to Fool's Gold Day Off here while you still can! Also, check out Fool's Gold's LA pop-up store at 424 N Fairfax, where the exclusive Black Scale capsule collection and Action Bronson collaborative T are for sale: it's open until Sunday.

Here's a playlist curated by Sarah Epperson to preview Fool's Gold Day Off:

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