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FYF ‘15: The 5 Artists, 5 Songs and 5 Fest Features To Look Forward To

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FYF ‘15: The 5 Artists, 5 Songs and 5 Fest Features To Look Forward To


Photo by Tod Seelie for FYF Fest

The Twelfth Annual FYF Fest of Los Angeles kicks it into high gear this Saturday and Sunday. We break it down like the genius musical mathematicians we are to give you the best experience possible at FYF 2015 in our festival preview...

5 Artists + 5 Songs + 5 Fest Features = FYF '15



The Aussies are in town and they came to make you dance. I won’t hold my breath since they’re on separate days but both Chet Faker AND Flume are on the lineup. Arguably Flume’s biggest songs feature Chet so lets hope for at least a couple tracks. Not gonna be disappointed if not, might just go cry in a porta potty for a few minutes. Flume is said to be working on a much anticipated follow up to his 2012 debut that has grown like a tidal wave and reached the mainland in a monumental way. Everyone wants to be his best friend and add him to their MySpace Top 8. My best friend Flume loves me so much that he released a new track a couple months ago featuring Miike Snow singer Andrew Wyatt and it is liquid hot magma fire flames. Can’t wait to hear it live and see what else he’s gonna erupt the crowd with.

Frank Ocean

I’m making the call. We are getting a new Frank Ocean album on Friday just in time for his headlining slot. I’m also making the call. This will be the set of the weekend.  His 2012 album channel ORANGE is cued up on our singing lips ready to hit play but I just don’t think Frank came here for a fuckin sing along. We are going to be swooned, spun, made up and out with and none of us know how he’s gonna do it. Its been over a year since he fested..anywhere. We’re in for a treat FYF.

UPDATE: Frank had to bail for mysterious reasons. Hope all is good amigo. But what's that you say, FYF?

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...SUPER KANYE TO THE RESCUE!!! Hoping Yeezy plays a different kind of set. Throw it back a bit. He's not on tour and Rihanna is in town taping the voice so maybe we will see some cool things go down. The question is...will Kanye or Morrisey talk more....Let's hear your answers in the comments section.

UPDATE 2: FYF has made the lineup even sweeter, inviting Bonobo to join the party! He's playing the Arena at 11:15 according to a recent Tweet.

Nicolas Jaar (DJ Set)

Buy the ticket, take a ride. You don’t know where you’re going, you’ve checked your brain at the door and Nicolas Jaar is behind the wheel. A DJ set from one of the most eclectically minded modern producers is an original one of a kind masterpiece. He treats each with care, meditating on where he might go and reacting like a primal animal once he’s taken the ones and twos in his claws. Being treated to Jaar side project Darkside’s second to last show at FYF 2014 will be burned in my music memory forever and the fest welcoming him back to take us to the darkest shadows of The Arena stage once again will be a journey all its own.

Tod Seelie for FYF Fest


Tod Seelie for FYF Fest


The great thing about the Arena Stage is you never have to know what time of day it is. The darkness looms throughout the weekend, allowing for its inhabiting artists to play their live shows the way they were meant to be seen. Canada jazz-funk-house trio BADBADNOTGOOD has the perfect hybrid of dark sounds and live instrumental beauty to make this one of the venues finest sets of the weekend. It will be a visual spectacle seeing their arrangements flourish with heart palpitating bass, twinkling ivory melodies and a refined percussive palette. These guys were the backing band for Frank Ocean back at 2012 Coachella so there’s a chance we’ll see them twice this weekend...

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)

Lead singe Nik Offer’s short short game and energy on stage will be the strongest in Exposition Park this weekend, no doubt about that. When I saw !!! was replacing Deerhunter, I did a cartwheel into a standing backflip into the splits into a moonwalk in my mind as I’ve been told these guys have a Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem good vibration to their swagger and shows and a Talking Heads, dance-punk sound.. This will be one of the dance parties of the weekend, at least up on stage with Offer pulling out moves that would make A Charlie Brown Christmas Special proud. They have a new album dropping in October and a couple new tracks to get down to so lace up those kicks and lets see how sassy you can get on that dancefloor.


“Love Songs” by DJ Dodger Stadium (DJDS)

Good samples are sung out; great samples are kept in. You dance out the echoing chorus, letting it soak into you until you are consumed into the beat and your arms and legs are shifting and lifting and sliding and pulsing all the words you need to say. Hometown hustlers Jeremy LOL and Samo Sound Boy’s DJ Dodger Stadium duo is will have us feelin their beautifully repeated and tweaked chorus, “lately I’ve been  singing love songs by myself” as we kick off a weekend of great music in The Arena stage. If you dug Jamie XX last year, you’ll love these cats.

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“Really Love” by D’Angelo

This is the moment we see D’Angelo for his greatness on the guitar and in one of finest voices in R&B history. You don’t listen to this song, you fall in love in this song. We are rarely treated to greatness in the form of second comings gone right. D’Angelo figured it out and we are blessed to enjoy this raw, sophisticated and charged talent once again. This fest sees a lot more hip hop and R&B than years past and I’m interested if Frank or D’Angelo will take the crown for sexy set of the weekend. He has carefully selected the fests to show up at on his “Second Coming” Tour so lets welcome him to the groove of LA and show him a good time. Just be warned he might impregnate all of us by the end of the set.

Laura June Kirsch for FYF Fest


Laura June Kirsch for FYF Fest

“Slumlord” by Neon Indian

The hibernation is over and Neon Indian is back with a new track just in time for one of their first performances in a hot minute. This funkalicious track has the disco-sweat glow that is hot right now with the perfect amount of psych poppin rock that we love. The chillwave genre is more of a name for the people it attracts to it, but the new era of Toro and Neon are bringing some major energy to the decks. Hop on over after a bit of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and see what the reawakening is all about.

“Apathy” by Shlohmo

The dazed journey this song induces wraps you in a shelled craft and and blasts you off into the places beyond the stars we can see. The ambience of the song has an ominous exploratory tinge and percussive jazzy flourishes that keeps your mind from floating too far away and your heart beating in time. Hearing this in the encased Trees stage as the sun sets will lasso you  and the moon like the Jimmy Stewart and pull you into a night filled with powerful distorted songs like this by Purity Ring and Simian Mobile Disco.

“Without You” by Tobias Jesso Jr.

Most of us never got to see John Lennon but we do get to see Tobias Jesso Jr.. The man is a mix between Randy Newman and Lennon with a ballad-esque classical composure and heart of the warmest sunshine to his songs. His debut album Goon is one of my recent favorites and among the throng of rock, electronic and R&B this singer songwriter crooner will stand out to anyone there early enough to catch his set on Sunday.


The Woods Stage

The disco demigod DJ Harvey and Horse Meat Disco headline the brand new mystery stage at FYF this year. Forecast for the weekend has a massive dance party going down here with all the best kinds of people getting their boogie on. I closed out last year with DJ Harvey in the arena and I’m so excited to pick up exactly where I left and kick things off with the legend this year as well. DJ Harvey on his return to the festival and who he's excited to see:

I’m flying in for FYF and FYF presents Rhonda's Paradise City from Europe - I couldn't be more happy to return to L.A in such fine style. I play 4.30-7.30 Sunday so I will get time to see some acts. I'm of course really looking forward to Morrissey after my set and Horsemeat Disco on Saturday who are all old friends then hopefully I'll be skipping out over to The Shrine on Saturday to see Motorhead - am I allowed to say that.

New Traffic Control

I think we can all move on from last year’s traffic and line issues getting in and around the festival. It’s a new year and FYF has promised more pathways to get around and a Disneyland like experience where you can turn your smile up and brain power down a couple notches. Exposition Park is a very unique venue for a fest and there were of course kinks to work out supporting 40,000 people in a new spot. I think this year will be the fest’s best yet in terms of crowd enjoyment with plenty of room and things to do and see.

The Closeliners


Rich Fury for FYF Fest

The Closeliners

When the set times were released it took me a second to register what I was seeing. The headliners weren’t closing the whole thing out! This year FYF did something really freakin sweet, having multiple acts playing later sets which I have no dubbed - The Closeliners. We have post Frank and Morissey sets by Purity Ring, Jesus and Mary Chain, FKA Tigs and what I’m looking forward to most - Simian Mobile Disco live. This strategy lets the headliners breath, lets the crowds separate a bit more and allows the night owls to keep the groove going while some hang up their dancing shoes. Most fests I’ve been to end at midnight latest so this Saturday will be a late one for this ol boy’s standards and I couldn’t be more excited to spend it with Simian’s James and Jas as they show us what mad scientists look like plugging away at their incredibly elaborate and visually stunning live rig.

Nom Options

We gotta make Moz happy so this year's food lineup welcomes an assortment of healthy options among its newcomers which includes: Afters Ice Cream, Berlin Currywurst, Big Daddy's Poke Shack, Canters Deli, Clara Cakes, Doomie's, Dune, Free Range Chicken, Garden Grill Vegan Kitchen, Moon Juice, My 2 Cents, Okonomi Dog, Phorage, Status Kuo and Top Round Roast Beef. Of course there's plenty of booze with beer, wine and all sorts of tasty hard alcohol beverages like spicy margaritas flowing for you firey individuals.

Expanded Transportation Options

First off, there’s free bike parking at the fest so if you can avoid any and all carbon footprint and cycle safely to the fest then make life easier onyourself and Mother Nature. Second, metro lines have extended their hours for the weekend! Catering to the late night sets, FYF has partnered with Metro LA to make sure you get home safe, sound and cheap, SO PAY ATTENTION: "Leading up to doors time, we are keeping a rush hour schedule of trains every 6 minutes. Take the METRO EXPO LINE to EXPO/VERMONT station and follow signs to the festival entrance. In addition, we will keep full Saturday night service for Sunday night as well. For both days, the last train to go Downtown or to Culver City will leave from Expo/Vermont station at 2:10 AM and the last train to make any and all connections throughout Los Angeles / North Hollywood / Pasadena will leave at 1:30 AM. Save time and buy roundtrip fare on your way in ($3.50 roundtrip + $1 reusable TAP card per person). Be sure to tap your card before each boarding."

Can't wait to see you all out there. Give hugs, high fives, respect yourself, others and the fest. FYF, can you dig it!

If you don't have tickets yet and this preview has been the inspirational push you needed then buy tickets HERE

Rich Fury for FYF Fest


Rich Fury for FYF Fest

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