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GROMO, a New York City high school student wakes up every day knowing exactly what he wants to do: make music. His steely determination keeps this multi talented producer/DJ/guitarist/ songwriter poised to have a profound impact on the ever-progressing music landscape. He’s already penetrated the New York City club scene, leading up to a 2015 performance at ULTRA Music Festival in Miami. He continues to push his limits as he breaks into the international circuit. Adopted from Guatemala, GROMO (Braedon Gromek) is keenly aware that his life could have been dramatically different. “I’m privileged and lucky to have the life I currently have; I don’t take that for granted.” His natural curiosity about music has lead him to his passion—as a child, he would listen to his father’s eclectic music collection and analyze songs, breaking them down to their most basic elements; rhythm, melody, and harmony. He picked up the guitar and transformed into a young musician / songwriter with a singular vision, immersed in the world of heavy metal. As time progressed, he began to outgrow metal’s boundaries and attitudes. Then he found Skrillex… “When I heard him for the first time, that was it. Electronic music completely changed my perspective on life, and opened up a whole new direction to take my music,” GROMO says. “Seeing Skrillex brought out the same reaction as when I first saw Metallica in concert, but on a whole new level. Without this exposure, I wouldn’t be as open to merging all of my musical influences.” Like many young producers, GROMO started dabbling in production, approximating the sounds he heard through studying various production techniques on YouTube. Needing more guidance to fully capture his musical vision, he enrolled at Dubspot, the innovative music school for DJs and electronic musicians, where he met JP Solis, co-founder of Dubspot, who became his mentor. This was a time of profound change for GROMO as a person and an artist, taking the name “GROMO” as a playful appropriation of his last name, Gromek. As GROMO’s technical abilities grew and he attained the technological savvy to create the electronic music sounds of mainstream popularity, he also found that his tastes began to broaden. “I got so close-minded with metal, and then similarly with EDM, but as I became more confident in my abilities as a producer, I started reaching back to all the music I first heard as a kid for ideas,” he says. “I realized I love everything – jazz, blues, big band, rock n’ roll, metal, classical – the beautiful melodies of progressive house. You can get song ideas from everything; all music is good.” Inspiration like this sparks imaginative rearrangements, and forward-thinking musicality. While the reward for GROMO’s countless hours honing his craft and shaping his identity has taken form in the opportunity to perform at one of the most storied electronic music festivals in the world, for GROMO, the true reward comes from the positive impact of his music. “I set out to do this because I wanted to touch people, make them happy, and help out others the way music has helped me in my life. If someone wakes up in the morning, listens to my music, and it gives them the energy to take on the world, I’ve done my job.”

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