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Interview: Eton Messy Releases Compilation

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I've been on the Eton Messy train since the YouTube channel's launch four years ago. I'm still amazed it was only four years ago, considering the impact Eton Messy's had on the musical vibes of the last few years as one of the first music curators to represent chill, deep vibes in a time when UKF was still reigning with their dubstep and drum 'n bass channels. They paved the way for other channels like Majestic Casual to further the success of more relaxing dance music, and served as a predecessor for current tropical trends. Today, Eton Messy released their debut compilation, the 25-track Eton Messy Compilation (shocking name, I know) including a couple exclusives. We spoke to the guys behind Eton Messy about their inspiration, the compilation, and their future plans.

1. What was the initial spark that lead to the creation of Eton Messy: what did you want to achieve?

The spark came from Adam (EM + Blonde). It was more of a personal thing for him to put music that he felt hadn’t been placed anywhere on Youtube when he found it. The channel started to get attention through sharing with friends which then led on to others picking up on it. It was only then the three of us who were already DJing running events in Bristol and thought Eton Messy could be the one!

We didn’t set out with a goal or something that we wanted to achieve but since it’s grown we all have good ideas of where we would like to see it going. The main thing for all of us though is making sure we continue to make sure new talent is coming through the ranks. We always had aspirations of running a record label so as soon as the opportunity popped up we went for it - nothing like throwing yourself in at the deep end!

2. How organically did the expansion of the Eton Messy brand happen, into a label?

Once we had built up a strong presence online we always felt that we wouldn’t just be happy with that. That’s when we started using our previous experience into action and went into doing club nights. There is something very rewarding about seeing a club full of people with smiles on their faces enjoying themselves - that's when you start to get a good feeling about what you’re doing.

As for the label, we started off with our free download series so we could build a solid platform before deciding to release music. Once we felt the series was established enough we then thought we would take a swing at releasing music. It’s still very early on with the label, we’re learning so much everyday and long may that continue!

3. What influenced your decisions when you were curating tracks for the first compilation and sequencing them?

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Balance really, we wanted tracks that have a hint of where we have come from, where we are now and where we are looking to go. We also wanted to slip a bit of our DJ sets into the compilation too. You will find there are tracks from established artists as well as newcomers which is something we love about the compilation.

4. Who are the exclusive tracks from?

Blonde - With Adam being ⅓ of EM and ½ Blonde and those guys smashing it at the moment, it only seemed right for us to get something from the boys!

Austin Ato - This guy has been in the game a while (we aren’t giving it away!) If you have been following our Youtube channel recently we posted another track of his ‘Dreams’ on the channel and it got a great response, so we went back to him. The vocals on the track are also his as well which is pretty cool.

The next 2 really show how much talent there is out there, 2 great tracks in their own right, showing some real variation from up and comers:

Ten Ven - We have been supporting their tracks in our DJ sets for the past year so were keen on getting them involved and see what they could muster up!

Tyde - We were introduced to these guys from mutual friends actually, They remixed a Bastille track quite a while ago that got a mad response. Their track for the compilation also features an awesome vocalist called Joshua KYEOT, we were really blown away by this track when they sent it to us and it’s probably one of our personal favourites on the Compilation.

5. What's next for Eton Messy?

Off the back of the Compilation, comes the EM Presents...Winter Tour, which is set to be our biggest one yet. We have upped our game on venues in each city whilst trying to make sure our lineups are fresh and focused more on up and comers. Of course there will be some bigger names chucked in for good measure! We’ve recently been plotting for 2016 aiming to keep it fresh and everyone on their toes whilst trying to expand our horizons!

The Eton Messy Winter tour, spanning across the UK, begins in October:

Saturday 24th October - Canal Mills, Leeds
Friday 30th October - Electric Brixton, London
Saturday 21st November - Antwerp Mansion, Manchester
Monday 30th November - Rock City, Nottingham
Wednesday 2nd December - Digital, Newcastle
Friday 4th December - Club Action, Glasgow
Friday 11th December - Rainbow Venues, Birmingham
Saturday 12th December - In:Motion, Bristol

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