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iRig Mic Studio Review - A Big Amount Of Bang For The Buck

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iRig Mic Studio Review - A Big Amount Of Bang For The Buck

Are you a podcaster or vocalist looking for a high quality and portable mic that will work on your Mac or iOS device? Good news, the team at IK Multimedia is back with iRig Mic Studio ($180) which delivers incredible performance and portability at a lower price point than their competitors.

Here's our iRig Mic Studio Review.

The new studio version has similar guts to the iRig Mic HD, which is the handheld version that IK launched a little while back. The big difference with the Studio model is the larger diaphragm that makes it a lot more sensitive with a lower noise floor, so it's better suited for studio recordings like live instruments, etc.

The iRig Mic Studio works with both your Mac and your iOS devices, so it's a perfect solution for mobile recording. It also has a Micro-USB OTG cable for newer Android devices, and you can buy a 30-Pin cable separately from IK Multimedia if you are using an older iOS device.

The mic also comes with a mount for a mic stand, a tabletop stand and a nice little storage bag for when you are porting it around.

iRig Mic Studio Review - A Big Amount Of Bang For The Buck
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One of the key features of the iRig Mic Studio is a headphone output that allows you to monitor from the mic. The headphone out has its own level control as well as separate gain control and LED indicators.

The mic is super easy to connect and will be recognized immediately by your iOS device, for the Mac you will have to change your audio input settings and select the iRig Mic Studio as the input device.

The big competitor for this mic seems to be the Apogee MiC which we are also a big fan of for it's small size and incredible sound.

The iRig Studio Mic easily holds its ground against the more expensive Apogee MiC and might even be a little better at recording instruments with a lower end because of its large diaphragm. The sound is vibrant and clear, even when we raised our voice and were yelling into the mic it came out crystal clear.

IK Multimedia makes a lot of apps that work directly with their mics, but one of the cooler ones is Mic Room, which allows you change up the mics sound with a variety of "virtual" models.

Some podcasters might balk at the higher priced Studio model, but the sound quality is SO much better than a cheaper USB mic that it's worth every penny. It also works great a true studio mic that will work for recording instruments (Superb with bass and other low-end sounds) and recording solid vocals.

Hardcore studio geeks might still consider this a prosumer device, but it's entirely capable of delivering high-end audio for the indie set. So if you are looking for a really great sounding mic that can be used in variety of ways the iRig Studio is a very good bet and comes in almost $50 less than some of it's competitors.

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