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Is Razer's New Seiren Pro Microphone Right For You?

Is Razer's New Seiren Pro Microphone Right For You?

Razer has been evolving quite a bit lately from DJ headphones to soundbars and now a prosumer USB / XLR microphone that can be used by podcasters, gamers, and musicians.

It seems like a logical progression for a company that is slowly but surely getting into more audio gear and even expanding into EDM production with their high powered laptops.

Aesthetically the Seiren looks the part although it is rather large, so portability is not really on your side. The mic itself is a sleek black anodized aluminum and comes with a desktop stand that gives it the extra height. It looks smoother than most of the USB prosumer mics out there, a Ferrari amongst Hondas.

On the inside, she is not so bad either with three 14 mm condenser capsules that give you a good range of sensitivity for a prosumer mic. Another nice feature that is not found on all USB mics is the built-in headphone output with an amplifier (with volume control) so you can monitor your recordings. For me, this is a critical factor since I am doing so much podcasting and interviews over Skype, I need to hear what I am doing, or it could ruin an entire recording.

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The mic is powered by the USB port, this a nice feature, but relatively common with just about all the mics in this category.

There are four different settings for recording (cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional, and bidirectional options), so you have all the set-ups you will need for recording. The mic also comes with a mute button and gain control so you can dial in the levels just right without distorting or sounding too quiet.

For me this is a nice mic for streaming and traditional podcasting, it has all the right features, and the price is good for something that's going to deliver this level of audio. I am not sure this would be the mic I would use to record vocals or instruments as there are so many excellent and proven choices at this price point like the Apogee iMiC or the iRig Mic Studio.

So if you are hunting for a great desktop studio quality mic that will make your audio sound crisp and clear, the Razer Sieren is an excellent choice.

If you want to step it up, you can buy the $49 extension pack that includes a pop filter and shock mount to mute any furniture noise.

The Pro model is priced at around $179.00 Retail, but we found it for a little more and a little less.

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