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It's Not a Surprise Who EDM's Top Earning DJs Are


It's official, the top earning EDM DJs list is out and the names featured are not a surprise. If you've been to a major festival and have checked out the main stage, chances are you've heard the sounds from these artists. Although their aesthetic is always up for debate, what can't be argued is how much money they've earned. You might be sad that your favorite artist doesn't make as much money as say David Guestta or Afrojack, but if they did make as much would they still be the same artist? Money in the music industry is always a hot topic so we'll be discussing this a lot more in the future.

It's interesting to note that at just 19 years old Martin Garrix is on the list and after playing over 95 shows this past year Skrillex is up there as well. But playing shows is not how you get to the top of this list and Tiesto certainly knows that. With endorsement deals with Guess and 7Up he's climbed the board but fell short of the top spot. In the end, Calvin Harris holds the top spot with earnings of $66 million. Something about his 7 figure deal to be the new face of Giorgio Armani and Las Vegas residencies must have something to do with that. If you're going to be on this list you need to know how to market yourself. Playing shows looks to be one of the main ingredients, but if you can get a major corporation to back you, you'll be swimming in the big bucks.

Check out the complete list below to see who else had a great year.

11. Deadmau5 - $15 million

11. Diplo - $15 million

10. Afrojack - $16 milllion

8. Zedd - $17 million

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8. Martin Garrix - $17 million

7. Kaskade - $18 million

6. Avicii - $19 million

4. Steve Aoki - $24 million

4. Skrillex - $24 million

3. Tiesto - $36 million

2. David Guetta - $37 million

1. Calvin Harris - $66 million

via: Forbes

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