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Justin Bieber Performs At HARD Summer, Never Thought We Would See The Day

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Justin Bieber Performs At HARD, Never Thought We Would See The Day

What? Justin Bieber Performs at HARD Summer?

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This picture kind of says it all, a fully choreographed dance number with Justin Bieber at HARD Summer closing out last night's Jack U set (Diplo & Skrillex). We will have a full report soon as well.

We honestly never thought we would see the day, like never even put it into the realm of possibilities to be honest as it was just too ridiculous to even conceive the notion. There it is, in its boy band glory just staring at you... Biebs dancing it up, in a very soft moment at hard (had to go lower case there).

You know they say there is a defining moment when something is ending, this might very well be the defining moment. It's like Tony Hawk decided to quit skateboarding and strap on a pair of roller blades.

Here is a video to pour some salt in the wound. If you cry a little bit, we won't blame you.

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