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Justin Jay Announces His 'Mom, I Graduated!' EP on Dirtybird

As Claude VonStroke's youngest protege, Justin Jay has enjoyed some great success during his short career. At just 22, the Los Angeles native and recent USC graduate has had releases on Culprit, Pets, Southern Fried and Dirtybird in the span of only 3 years.  To be featured on such iconic underground labels as these is no small feat and it's safe to say, the kid's got talent.

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Now that he's done with school it's time to take the next step in the music industry and his Mom, I Graduated EP is a declaration of what is to come. "It still doesn't feel real putting out music on my favorite label, alongside my favorite artists...I'm a very lucky kid," say Justin who will no doubt be turning to music full time. Along with the new EP announcement also comes the news that there is a world tour in the works. So get your graduation presents ready, he's finally making his rounds.

Justin gives some insight into what makes this next release a special one for him stating, “I spent most of my last semester of college pushing myself outside of my comfort zone musically. I started making music with my friends, Josh and Ben, who respectively sing and play guitar. Writing lyrics for choruses and verses, recording vocals and guitar, and producing beats around it all was a crazy, challenging experience for me. In between the grind of working on these new collaborations, I wanted to just goof around and make some silly, fun club music. My homies inspired me to hop on the mic and try my best at some songwriting... This is what happened haha.”

Check out the flyer below for upcoming tour dates and grab the Mom, I Graduated EP when it drops September 14th.

Justin Jay World Tour

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