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Luke Vibert Shares 'Bizarster' Forthcoming on Planet Mu

Luke Vibert


(photo credit: Stuart Holt)

Blurring genre boundaries and rules of form, Luke Vibert is a master of originality and experimentation. He seems to refuse being pigeonholed to one specific classification which has allowed him to surprise us with each release that surfaces. His music is unmistakable and has graced such labels as Ninja Tune, Mo Wax, Warp and most recently Hypercolour.

He's recently announced his 7th full-length album, this time coming via the Planet Mu label. The title track, 'Bizarster', is a jazzy production with bouncing pianos and synths all for a hip-hop tempo to lay down the foundation. This is just the first track shared from the album which is looking to be something quite special. Check back for more news coming soon.

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Luke Vibert's Bizarster will be released October 15th via Planet Mu.

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