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Magnetic Premiere: Mindscape - "Bloodhound"


A stinking great dog, or as Mindscape proves here - a stinking great tune.
Bloodhound is a pacing, assaulting growler of a neuro track and it is with great pleasure that we at Magnetic launch this exclusive assault on your ear bits!

Hailing from the dark side of dnb, Hungarian producer Mindscape (or Greg to his mates) is launching his new EP, Phantoms on Blackout NL this September. Yeah, Blackout - so you know it's the hard stuff. Menace laden introductory bars buckle you into a warping bassline that don't let up till it's done; which is just how we like it. Nice one mate...or y'know, fekn woof!

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Phantoms drops first on Beatport (30th August) and then officially on the 13th of September.

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