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Meet Detroit Promoter, Anthony Legghio

Meet Detroit Promoter, Anthony Legghio


Anthony Legghio (Photo Credit: Bruno Postigo)

Promoter is a term that is thrown around a lot in the music industry. But what exactly is a promoter?

They are responsible for actively advertising (“promoting”) a show, as well as organizing it, booking acts, securing venues and ensuring the show goes off without a hitch.

I had the opportunity to sit down with a local Detroit promoter, Anthony Legghio. Tony has been promoting Electronic Dance Music shows and festivals for the past couple of years, as well as a variety of other events throughout the state.

Meet Detroit Promoter, Anthony Legghio


Anthony Legghio (Photo Credit: Bruno Postigo)

So, tell us about you!

Okay, so I grew up in Grosse Pointe, MI which is a suburb just outside of Detroit. I moved to Ann Arbor in 2009/2010. And that was right around the same time I went to my first music festival, which was actually Movement.

During that time I was working at Necto Night Club and I was just barbacking. They had just started doing their electronic music series called Voltage. When they started doing their shows, I had fallen in love with the music after being at Movement Festival. I mean, I’ve always been a huge fan of music in all its forms, but once I went to Movement Festival, it was like that game-changer. I was trying to figure out a way to get involved, to be closer to that.

So, I started at Necto and basically I was their sole street-teammer. I did their flyers and promotion around town and they would hook me up with guest passes to the shows that I wanted to go to. That evolved into me devloping friends that wanted to do it with me. And then that transformed, where I would end up managing three or four people that were also in the same boat as me.

After doing that, I just wanted to keep progressing. So I began production running. Fastforward to now, I am at a point where I am working with three different companies and I am contacting out to a multitude of others, as well. And I am now working with Paxahau, which is coming full circle for me because now I am working on the festival that brought me into this in the first place.

What do you do with Movement?

So, this is my second year I have been running their national street team. I actually help coordinate their national team for the festival. During the festival, I also assist with Artist Relations. And then during the off season I work with them on all their Paxahau-related events at TV Lounge.

It’s gotten bigger and better since the first year. Watching the progression is really awesome to see. The more people want to get involved… It’s just awesome! I absolutely encourage it.

Meet Detroit Promoter, Anthony Legghio


Jeff Mills at Necto Nightclub 2012 (Photo Credit: Bruno Postigo)

What is most rewarding?It happens at almost every event that I work. There’s this moment between the chaos where everything slows down in time for a minute and it’s almost like this moment of introspection where you’re like, this is all happening and it’s chaos and crazy and all these different parts are moving all at the same time. But it’s all working and it’s all fluid. And you just see the attendees and their energy and their excitement, there’s no better feeling.

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What about the most challenging?

I think the biggest challenge right now is staying relevant and keeping up with the music. There is so much coming out now and it is so popular and easily accessible with the software. I think the most difficult is being able to pick out from the massive amount of options and picking artists that are going to be good- both for the attendees and for yourself.

What’s on your list of “must see” shows this fall?

Audien is coming to Necto as a Bounce event. So, we’re teaming up with Scorekeepers. That one is going to be brand new. We’ve never done this before and everybody’s really excited on both sides. There are going to be two stages, an awesome lineup. And the kids are just going to be coming back to school so that one’s just going to be a big banger for sure.

We (Paxahau) also have the Soul Clap BBQ coming to TV Lounge in September, as well, and I definitely recommend going to that.

Kraftwork is coming to Masonic Temple. And that one is going to be really, really really amazing.

Do you prefer promoting for local shows or the larger festivals, like Movement?

They’re both so different. I love this job because I’m never bored. There’s always something new and exciting.

Now that festival season is winding down, I am so ready to do a club night. We did Oliver Dollar last Thursday and it was so refreshing to come back in and work a club night- to have one artist instead of ten or a hundred. It was a nice change of pace.

Meet Detroit Promoter, Tony Legghio


J. Phlip on the decks at Necto Nightclub in Ann Arbor this past March, one of the shows Tony worked on.  (Photo Credit: Bruno Postigo)

What is the biggest show or festival you’ve ever worked on?

Well, I would have to say Movement Festival. In terms of electronic music, absolutely. I just did Faster Horses Festival with Live Nation and that was 40,000 people. I have also done box office with Electric Forest last year, which was 30,000 people.

I would say those are definitely the biggest.

Do you have any goals for yourself, moving forward?

Right now, I am just playing it by ear. I’ve got some good things going right now that I really like, so I want to see where these things lead. Up to this point, it’s been this nice progression.

This summer has been a real grounding moment for me. I would say I see myself working with all the people I’m working with now. And we’ll see where that takes me!

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