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Mix: Joyce Muniz Sends Up Real Deep House On InDeep

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joyce muniz

It's no secret that the words 'deep house' are vastly overused these days. Look no further than reddit's r/shallowhouse, dedicated to all the house and garage inspired music that people can't classify and decide to call deep house. Real deep house is rare to come by, which makes InDeep's recent shows a breath of fresh air. In the past, they've hosted events that focused on future electronic music in the past, but as their aesthetic continues to mature, they're looking at warehouse-style events and really recapturing the feelings of an older rave culture through bringing back the original meaning of deep house.

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We're very excited to feature Joyce Muniz's new InDeep mix today. She's a Brazillian DJ, producer, and vocalist currently based out of Vienna, Austria, and her style reflects the European and South American influences that have surrounded her. It's a minimal mix that places the focus on the gradual shifts and rhythmic movements. When I started playing it, I was lightly bouncing in my chair while working, but by halfway through, I was struggling to prevent myself from breaking out into dance (& I failed that struggle). The track curation is strong on this one: give it a listen and check out the track list below.

Philipp Gonzales - Fiat Lux (Emanuel Satie Remix)
Santiago Garcia - Feedback
Majesty - Tropical Playground
Sabb & Forrest - One Of Us
Mirco Caruso - Yoh
Matt Postrel - Techno Pieces
Paul C & Paolo Martini - Tears For Fears (Joyce Muniz Remix)
Dj Le Roi - Mont Blanc
Metodi Hristov - Step Outside (Kevin Over Remix)
Kevin Saunderson - As E Dancer Foundation
Leftwing & Kody ft. Robert Owens - Fixation (Mark Jenkyns Remix)
Cozzy D - Anxiety (Volkoder Remix)
Terranova - Kepler 186F

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