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Oneohtrix Point Never Writes Letter to Fans, Announces New Album on Warp Records

Oneohtrix Point Never press shot


photo credit Andrew Strasser

Sound experimentation leads to some surprisingly beautiful productions and nothing is out of the question for Oneohtrix Point Never, aka Daniel Lopatin. The Boston native has always shared original material that disregards all concepts of preconceived form and takes on a shape of it's own. After releasing his debut album on cassette in 2007, he went on to release numerous tapes and LPs with labels like Arbor, NNA Tapes, Warp Records and his own label Software Productions. Recently he shared news on his website of a forthcoming album due to drop this Fall. With the announcement comes a teaser video and a letter to his fans.

He's clearly been working on something special. In a letter to his fans he tells a story of a time when he was working on new material and came across a boy loitering around his studio. This newfound relationship would blossom and have a lasting effect on Lopatin until something happened and they were disconnected later on. Read the full story below, along with a questionnaire from November 30, 2000 filled out by this supposed boy.

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Oneohtrix Point Never will release Garden of Delete via Warp Records on November 13th.

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