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Penthouse Penthouse's Summer Crush Playlist

Penthouse Penthouse's Summer Crush Playlist

Penthouse Penthouse's latest single is a super sexy summertime jam and here at Magnetic we thought we'd show it some love.. So, we teamed up with the PHPH boys and had them create an exclusive playlist of tracks they love that fit the vibe, including a Mr. Carmack track that was uploaded specifically for this playlist. Throw this on whenever you invite that special someone over to "netflix & chill". Trust us, we know.

1. Penthouse Penthouse - 69’ Camaro feat Bobby Saint 
This track began as an homage to a song from one of our favorite anime, 'Space Dandy,' called 'Dandy In Love.' Bobby cut the vocals and we knew we had a summertime pantie dropper that everyone could enjoy, and some could even relate to."

2. Macintosh Plus - リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー
"I was in Boston while on tour with Vic Mensa, eating a BLT at Refuge Café when this song came on and I had to ask the waitress what it was. True Story" - Mike

3. Star Slinger - III/IV
We’ve been big fans of Star Slinger since we were both a part of the band Virtual Boy. Here’s a quality cut of his.

4. Abjo – I Still Really Love You
We wanted to use “North Bay Terraces” but pretty sure he took it down so here’s our second favorite Abjonian love song.

5. LLLL - ふと全て夢と知った Feat.あの from ゆるめるモ!
Super vibey.

6. Queenleaf x ASHTREJINKINS x Mem Loss 
Go look these guys up if you haven’t heard of them. Vibes.

7. Mr. Carmack – thotsgalore
We asked Aaron if he had a soundcloud song for this very playlist and he told me he had one but it wasn’t on soundcloud, then he immediately uploaded it to soundcloud just for us lol. Thanks Aaron!

8. Elijah Blake – I Just Wanna (Goodnight Cody Remix)
We really thought this was the best re-interpretation of the Elijah Blake song. <3

9. Great Dane – Do For Love (TS 126)
People know Great Dane for crushing festival stages but he has a soft side too. Enjoy.

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10. dot x JNTHN STEIN – PopCrush

11. Kenny Segal – frenz
This is a fun summer mashup our homie kenny segal cooked up feat vocals from our track w Marvel Alexander called “Friendzone”

12. Zikomo - Eclispe
Zikomo If your reading this one day we’ll beat u at super smash bros for wii u, mark our words.

13. Sophia Black – Vibration (Penthouse Penthouse Remix)
This is our rework of Sophia’s love song Vibration; we really tried to take it to super deep space for you lovers out there.

14. Djemba Djemba feat. Mr. Carmack & Penthouse Penthouse – Money 2-2
This is the culmination of an all night session w Mr Carmack and Djemba in 2013.

15. Mister Loveless – Curfew (The Bilinda Butchers Remix)
One of our favorite songs of all time. It should remind you of the place you grew up, and the kids you used to have crushes on.

16. Emily King - Radio
One of the best love songs of all time by NYC’s Emily King.

17. H-Y – Marley & Bailey (Cover)
Our friend Hannah Ku came over to jam with Kenny Segal, and Mr. Carmack, and us. This is a live recording of that jam.

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