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REZZ's NEST EP Is A Hard-Hitting Electro Revival

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REZZ's NEST EP is a hard-hitting electro revival

The dark, industrial sounds of REZZ (Isabelle Rezazadeh) have been gaining attention, especially since the release of her Insurrection EP on NEST last month. Since receiving Skrillex's stamp of approval, the 20-year-old producer from Niagara Falls, Canada gained a powerful booking partner by signing with AM Only, and is set to play TomorrowWorld and Holy Ship.

The EP opens quietly and doesn't betray its dance-floor intentions until the hard-hitting bass puts "Plague" on a slow, rhythmic pivot that is beginning to receive Gesaffelstein comparisons. "Lucifer" isn't afraid to get wonky, resulting in a unique take on a Benassi-reminiscent top line, and "Rush" trucks forward with scattered clashes of fury.

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REZZ shared her feelings about the EP in an e-mail to The Fader, read below:

"The first song I created on the EP was 'Lucifer.' I wanted to create a track that works well on the dance floor, yet still exhibits the dark/sketchy vibes that I am deeply inspired by. 'Plague' and 'Rush' were made in the same week. of the two, plague was created first. I was feeling extremely driven by slower deeper rhythms and I really took the whole 'less is more' approach for that tune. 'Rush' is around the same BPM as Plague, however it turned out to be a more intense track—I had a clear vision for the tune and it came out a little crazier than I expected; I was very inspired by downtown alleyway vibes. All three tracks work well together because they are all very dark, rhythmic and hypnotic—which is basically the vibe I’m after for most of my work."

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