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Salva & EPROM's Murderous "All Day" Kanye Remix Released

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Salva x EPROM

I've been waiting for this remix to release for so damn long, and finally it's here. Salva put out Secret Stash 2 today, a collection of free VIPs, edits, and remixes available via BitTorrent bundle. Among its gems, they dropped this long-awaited Salva x EPROM remix of Kanye West's “All Day” that's been getting support from DJs all around the bass circuit. Check out Secret Stash 2 at BitTorrent here, and listen to a radio rip of the “All Day” remix below.

“‘All Day’ getting broken in two, then stood on, then shattered, they they set it on fire, and then they put it back together...” - Zane Lowe

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