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Shigeto Explores Diverse Rhythm Arrangements with 'Pulse'

We like to think that the best musicians and artists tend to develop a sound or style that is 100% theirs, without rival or comparison. Certain record labels, like Ghostly International, possess a catalogue filled with music that defies classification and breaks down genre boundaries to become categorized as simply, just the artist and their music. We're always eager to hear such productions and we're excited to say that there is more on the way.

Shigeto is an artist who continues to present us with wholly original productions that fill our ears with wonder and excitement that music can be so extraordinary. His forthcoming release on Ghostly International is sure to be gripping, as he shares the first track of his Intermission EP titled 'Pulse'. A progressive rhythmic exploration, Shigeto uses organic sounds to deliver a cohesive masterpiece.

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Shigeto's Intermission EP will be released on October 30th via Ghostly International.

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