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Tame Impala Threatened with Lawsuit Over Un-cleared Sample

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Recently there has been much talk about copyright issues found in music and the latest to be threatened with a lawsuit is none other than Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker. The threat was brought on by Samm Culley, a member of the '70s funk band Skull Snaps, who states that Parker took a sample form the track 'It's a New Day' and used it in 'Eventually', a track found on Tame Impala's most recent album Currents released in 2015. The news came from the Tame Impala Instagram account where the message from Culley was posted yesterday.

"WOW unexpected compliment!" Parker writes. "The creator of the famous Skull Snaps drum sample think my drums IS his actual sample and wants to sue me for not clearing it! Haha!! Same Culley you have 3 days to fire your musicologist. Anyone think this could be a hoax though?"

Well, it looks to be true and Parker has been threatened by Culley. Tame Impala and the record company have 3 days to respond before being faced with a lawsuit. Although there are certainly similarities between the two beats it's NOT safe to say that Parker indeed sampled the Skull Snaps track. Drum beats can be found to be similar all the time in music, so to hear one that sounds like another is not uncommon. 'It's a New Day' by Skull Snaps has been sampled numerous times by artists like The Prodigy, Kanye West, MF Doom and DJ Shadow just to name a few.

Listen to both tracks below and see if you think there is any wrongdoing.

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