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Ten of LA's Top DJs Tell Us What Track Fills LA Dancefloors



Photo Courtesy of Christopher Soltis

A couple of months ago, I had the idea to compile a list of tracks that best represent the LA dance music scene but then I had an ever better idea. Why not ask ten of LA's top DJs which tracks they feel really connect with LA clubbers on the dance-floor. The resulting ten tunes they picked are a fascinating and very accurate depiction of not only how in tune Los Angeles is with the global dance music network but also how diverse this city's palette is.


Historically speaking, the city of Angels has gone through quite a few cycles since dance music first exploded in the very early 1990s. Belgian & Dutch techno once dominated the LA warehouse scene in the very early 90s, funky breaks were all the rage at the Moontribe full moon parties in the mid 1990s, and by the late 90s trance was dominating the scene not only in LA but around the world as well. After that, there were many more changes to the electronic music landscape and of course the internet had a great deal to do with how rapidly everything began to evolve. That being said, there is no longer one dominating sound or sub-genre in LA. There are in fact a myriad of different electronic music scenes within this town and I've selected ten of my favorite LA DJs to pick what tunes really do it for them here in LA.

The DJ collective known as Droog selected Ruede Hagelstein's recent remix of their own tune which not only represents the sound of regular weeklies in LA like Clinic Wednesdays but also the entire dance music community which has been largely focusing on the more contemporary sounds from artists like Tale Of Us & Adriatique. Sound nightclub resident Lauren Lane chose something a bit more minimal that captures not only the daytime vibes at the Summertime day parties like Sunday Sessions in LA but also island destinations such as Ibiza & beyond. Plus, let's not forget LA's ultimate dance music stalwart, Doc Martin who selects the newest Strictly Rhythm cut that would of course fit quite nicely into a Sublevel as easy as it would at one of his fabled Flammable Liquid parties back in the day!

This is the sound of Los Angeles according to ten of LA's top DJs:

John Tejada


AFX - Simple Slamming B 2

Why? Because its AFX!

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Edu Imbernon & Droog - Spectral (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)

A bit biased picking this, but we've been playing this at every gig in the past couple of months. Ruede has been one of our favorite European producers for quite a while so it was fantastic getting him to remix our latest tune. It's a housey tribal groove with a big bassline and just enough of our original synth sound in it. It's an upbeat builder that we play early in the set to get the crowd on our side.

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Lauren Lane

LaurenLane - ReUp (Original Mix)

It has the right balance of driving and groovy with a soulful vocal snippet to get dance floors partying.

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Trent Cantrelle


Art Department - Catch You By Surprise (&Me Terrace Dub)

One of my biggest tunes this summer. I love everything &Me touches and this one is extra special. Haunting and pulsating, yet packed with energy. Total moment record that sets the room on fire. 

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Justin Jay


Quad City DJs - Space Jam

I don't think I have a track with more energy in my DJ bag. This is one of my ultimate dance floor destroyers and nothing beats dropping it in my home town.

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Doc Martin


Fernando Campo - Razor Sharp

Their are so many songs doing it at the moment. The Track/Song that is causing a commotion on the dancefloor for me is Fernando Campo - Razor Sharp. Every crowd seems to be really feeling this one, with it's call to arms vocal !!!!

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Marques Wyatt


Chew Fu ft. Steve Clisby - Purple Rain (Mousse T's Home A Lone Mix)

Hands down my biggest track for the past few months has been by Chew Fu featuring Steve Clisby, which is a remake of Prince's "Purple Rain" (Mousse T's Home A Lone Remix) The original was always a favorite of mine back in the day, so it had to be done right.  They nailed it.  I really started hammering at Coachella.  That was April and it's still going strong.  Anyone who's heard me play in the last few months can attest.  Since then, a few of my dj comrades have picked up on it and I'm hearing it out more, which is great.  Not many records have this type of staying power.

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Gary Beck - Grounded

Gary Beck’s Grounded has been doing the most damage for me on LA’s dance floors for a while now. For the past six months actually. The track’s chugging baseline and kick pushes the pace of the crowd forward. The complex, layered, and constantly panning tribal percussion brings out the rhythmic devil in dancers. 

I remember when I was playing this track at Beyond Wonderland and EDC. THIS was the track that really got the momentum going in my sets and from there it was history.

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Whitney Fierce


Villanova - An Evening At Urban Spree (Original Mix)

For me, there’s no better combination of deep, hand drums, and a simple vocal. People always get into a syncopated groove. This track has everything you need, it bangs, it flows, and it’s jazzy af.

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Travis Emmons


Chet Faker - I'm Into You (Travis Emmons Remix)

I'd have to say it's been my bootleg remix of Chet Faker. I first saw him perform at Coachella this year and was super inspired. I was listening to an acoustic version of "I'm Into You" at least 3 times a day. So I finally decided to make a version to could play in my sets and it's been a weapon ever since.

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