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The Blade Rave to Hit Comic Con NY with The Crystal Method, Pictureplane & more

If you're a vampire fan or you grew up in the '90s, you've probably seen the first Blade movie where he walks into an underground club and suddenly there's blood raining from the ceiling and he has to fight off a slew of blood suckers. Well, if you haven't seen this iconic scene then it's time to dig in the DVD bin and find the movie from 1998 (or watch the scene posted above). In honor of the Blade movie and Comic Con 2015 in NYC, The Blade Rave will become a reality, without the actual blood and vampires of course.

Allowing this vision to come together is none other than BBQ Films, the company that turned the Brooklyn record shop Rough Trade into Empire Records earlier this year to commemorate the film's anniversary. They'll be pulling out all stops this time around as they transform one of NYC's best concert venues into The Blade Rave.

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Headlining The Blade Rave is The Crystal Method, Pictureplane and Choice Hacks along with a special dance performance by The Dance Cartel. The event will take place October 9th at Terminal 5 and you can purchase tickets here. Watch the official trailer for the event below.

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