The End Of Soundcloud Bootlegs Is Here [Op-Ed]

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The dance music community is in uproar over Soundcloud's latest, aggressive move: a worldwide crackdown on copyright. The move doesn't come as a surprise considering recent lawsuits, but is nevertheless adversely affecting a lot of musicians. Tracks including unauthorized samples, like bootleg remixes and DJ sets, are being taken down. Additionally, a number of artists and media outlets including Plastician and Radar Radio have had their accounts suspended.

More concerning is the fact that many of the DJs and producers affected are insisting their songs were in fact authorized for use. Some who posted DJ sets and podcasts have told us that they only used tracks from paid record pools and record label promos. According to Dummy Mag, who say they were suspended for posting tracks which they were directly sent by Sony, Soundcloud is even refusing to provide contact information for someone at Sony to clear up the confusion.

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This latest move by Soundcloud is an major rebuke to the dance music community, which thrives on reinterpretation and revival. As supporters of a genre of music built on sampling and evolution, we see this move as a travesty for electronic dance music at large, and it makes a strong case for why industry groups like the Association for Electronic Music need to step up and take a clear stand on this issue. Though they stand in a murky position supporting both artists and labels, this kind of blind deletion cannot remain our copyright solution.

UPDATE 4:14 pm: The Association for Electronic Music has responded to our request for comment:

AFEM reply

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