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The One Where We Went To FYF Fest 2015

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Photo by Grant Smith

Well I was already planning on writing this review in the style of one of the all time great shows, Friends, and then of course Taylor Swift has to go and bring out Lisa Kudrow at her LA show last night and one up me singing 'Smelly Cat' together. But you know what Taylor Swift I say, *bumps two fists on their sides together* and good day!

FYF was freakin' sweet this year was it not?! We had surprises galore, artists actually showed up, you all looked great and kept your composure and it was absolutely stacked with some phenomenal tunes all day and late into the nights. Proud of us. Even if you've never watched the show I think you can appreciate that every festival has a personality. It's packed with moments compiled together to make it memorable and significant and weird and stupid and hilarious and sensational and that's how were gonna break it down. Its not just any festival, it's the one with...

The One With All Of The Lights

Sometimes you just gotta PIVOT! PIVOT! Coping skills were found in abundance at this year’s FYF and the matured fest showed composure and the cajones to back it up after Frank Ocean bailed. FYF isn’t just gonna get anybody when their headliner cancels, they’re gonna get Yeezus and he’s gonna get the people going bringing out RiRi for “All Of the Lights” and “FourFiveSeconds”.

I don’t remember him doing that for, well, any other festival now that I think about it! The power of Los Angeles being home to so many great artists doesn’t hurt but I think Kanye jumped at the chance to bring all the lights, all the energy, all the hits and all the positivity to his new hometown while he was off the tour circuit. No rants, no BS, no ounce of reason to not have a good time.

The hipsters put their hip away and by the end tore it to shreds because Kanye showed them what has been up for the last 11 years, he the greatest. He was having a ball up there, firing off hits fresh and worn in that we sang along with all night. The best moment may have been when he realized he was almost out of time and took the last ten minutes to do a minute each of his bangarangers. Jesus walked, diggers found gold, we lived that good life and for a writer who was raised on him, it was the best Kanye show I’ve been to BY FAR.

All Of The Lights


Photo by Grant Smith

The One Where Morrisey Made Me Eat My Favorite Festival Meal Ever

The quirks are what we always end up loving aren’t they. Morrisey certainly has his own, including requesting venues and fests to keep the smell of cooking meat away from the stage. So on Sunday FYF made a compromise with The Moz, they’d keep the wafting delicious aroma of Top Round roast beef and Spicy Pie’s signature slice on the other side of the fest and make all the people at the main stage go healthy mode for a few hours.

The moment I overheard this was of course the moment I got a rumbly in my tumbly and you better believe I’m a hungry, carnivorous man. BENNY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD! I’m also not high maintenance so I went for a little walk around, settling for a Brazilian spot serving the greatest festival comfort combo ever - a grilled cheese and an acai berry smoothie. Soul and super foods are quite the pair and aside from his lovely croons and bird flipping Queen ‘Liz imagery, I gotta thank Moz for this blissful bounty.



Photo by Grant Smith

The One With Venice Douche Hats

I think you all looked wonderful but according to one girl when asked what items of clothing stood out at this year’s fest they exclaimed with vigor and a smirk, “Venice Beach douche wide brimmed hats.” It was aggressive but honest and god dammit I respect that. This year’s lineup of linens was a random assortment of garb, goth and glam. Minimal flash tatts were rocked, overalls were a thing, and everyone seemed cozy and not trying too hard. It was a great mix of LA cultures clashing together but having a great time without the desert chic or brotastic vibes of the rave culture. Shout out to the two ladies rockin all black steez with the short hair and best fest look I saw all weekend. How YOU doin...

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Andrew and Flume


Andrew Wyatt and Flume (Photo by Grant Smith)

The One With Lorde/Snow

First off, Jon Snow is not dead. R+L=J ALL DAY, ALL DAY. Let’s refocus though and talk about how Flume avoided being basic just playing another festival set and instead brought the damn heat even though the sun was dipping out trying to get ready for Monday. He brought out Miike Snow singer Andrew Wyatt to sing their new track “Some Minds”, the lovely pixie singer badass Lorde surprised him onstage and danced her ass off with him to his remix of her tune “Tennis Court” and his Aussie amigo Collarbones came out for a live performance of their brand new remix. Other than Kanye I didn’t see anyone having as much fun on stage as Flume and although he’s ridden out his last album long enough it just showed he’s still so stoked and ready to evolve his production, tunes and keep the crowd growing and flowing.

DJ Harvey


DJ Harvey (Photo by Ben Houston)

The One With The Human Cannonball

We were jamming under the tree canopy of The Woods Stage as the afternoon was heating up thanks to DJ Harvey’s daytime disco wiggle worthy beats. Staying hydrated was key but drunk bro-dude needed to quench his bod’s thirst even more and thought that DJ Harvey’s decks looked like the place to splashdown. So with a vertical worthy of a middle school basketball game, our drunk friend somersault cannonballs past the fan-waving tree people dancers and into this musical mirage oasis. DJ Harvey, still grinning, still cool as ever, just nudges the dumbass off and gives him a 2/10 for effort. We all cheered on the disco juggernaut as he reset and he continued to reign supreme as disco king for his three hour set.

The One Where Nic Jaar Turned Off All Of The Lights

You best believe I was losing it at Darkside last year in the Arena stage with their minimal focused lighting arrangements and lurking house sounds. This year Nico Jaar took it down a couple more notches but damn was it spooky, powerful and ferocious as a jungle cat. I enjoyed the set from up top, same spot that I watched Evian Christ for a few amazing tunes and I loved just feeling that pulsing sound sitting in the dark in the stands. It was a powerful moment and Jedi Jaar was one of the few that could get away with it.

Run The Jewels


Run The Jewels (Photo by Grant Smith)

The One Where There Were No Lines But Tanlines

FYF gets it. They might not have gotten it last year because they were new to their upperclassman level of festivaling but in 2015 they found their step and hit a great stride that will carry this festival to a higher echelon of events. They fixed everything they needed  to, and the entire thing felt so relaxed and composed. The only lines were meant to keep us all from clustering up and they took no time at all to get through, food and drinks were a breeze, dancing room abundant and smiles for miles. The Unagui vibes were felt throughout the fest and every person I’ve talked to reflecting on the fest had nothing but great things to say, enjoying all the huge moments and  positivity from Kanye on down. FYF you did good.

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