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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 8.12.15 Chart


Italy - the home of pizza, amaretto and...well, if the rumours ring true - not drum and bass. A new Italian friend recently got in touch to let me know that a group of Italian dnb fans are paving the way for fans of the genre in Italy. You can check them and their brill events out here - The Dreamers . My new pal also introduced me to a talent by the name of Neve who I straight dig and have featured a track from below. So inspiring to see people in every corner of the world getting together for the love of the music and sharing that with the rest of the world. Dreamers - I salute you! Now, down to the dnb good times...

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“Colour In the Shadows “
Cyantific ft. Benji
Viper Recordings

Yup, saddle up. Sickest track of the week.

"Sleep Talk (Drumsound & Bassline Smith remix)"
Them & Us

Exquisite, soaring, dare I say - Nero-esque? It's a beaut.

Don't Stop

Neve & De Niro
Dutty Audio

Solid representation from the 'Dreamers' here - Neve is storming the scene with deep neuro vibes and big ups from little knowns (ha) such as Optiv and June Miller.

“Straight To Your Heart (Legion and Logam mix)

Firstly, how great is the name Grum. If I ever get a puppy I want to call him Grum (just be glad I didn’t say child there friends). Meeting in the middle between chill and a bit of energy, this one's got the goods.

“Just Can’t Take (dBridge mix)”
Lenzman ft. DRS

I could listen to DRS for hours I tell you, hours. And if it's dBridge dulcet tones that tickle your jigglies, there's a cool little bit here that's worth a listen...

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"Space Junk"
RAM Records

Not gonna lie, I just wanted to sack the chart out in Teddykillerz. A shrine to the bad assery of their musical talent. There is so much going on in their tracks I can literally see the dance moves choreographing themselves in my brain – so that ain’t pretty, but it does say something about the mad touch of their tunes.

“Light My Way Home”
Etherwood ft. Eva Lazarus
Med School

Much anticipating Etherwood’s second album, ‘Blue Leaves’. Along with everyone else no doubt, kid’s just got it. Hot tip - if you’re in the UK and Shazam the track, you’ll also get your mitts on a free Logistics mix. Chur chur.

The Clamps
Trendkill Records

Holy shit! If you didn’t have nerves before switching on this, guaranteed you’ll get ‘em. Super stimulating, screwface sensations on Prolix’s label, Trendkill.

“Bogeyman Bullshit”

Learnt two fun facts about Calibre today - he's Irish and he's got a release forthcoming on Total Science's CIA Records that has been touted as 'fucking incredible'. That's no bogeyman bull. Bated breath all round.

“Let It Loose (Emperor)”
Optiv and BTK
Dutty Audio

Pure filthy badness, sonified. Is that a word? T'is now.

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