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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 8.21.15 Chart

Someone yelled, "Ere! you dance like a 35 year old!" at me shortly after Wilkinson's Thorpe Park set came to a close last Friday night. Delivered via the lips of a bearded gent, no spring chick himself it may be noted!! Needless to say - I was not best pleased. My legs have been a bit gammy lately and I have been starting to feel the burn of the mighty dnb step more than usual so this geezer managed to hit a wee bit of nerve. But then, in a stroke of inspiration (and I suspect sobriety) my complimenter hurriedly backpedalled on his very specific backhander - "like an old school junglist!'' he crowed. And just like that, all was forgiven. "I was gutted when you turned around and looked twelve!" he continued. Sigh. Big up the old school and big up that bloke who I hope one day finds the Junglerella of his dreams!


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Magnetic's Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks - 8.21.15 Chart

"Neon God"
Mob Tactics ft. Joell Fender
Viper Recordings

Viper has just exclusively signed Mob Tactics and brought in Joell with a double ll on board to seal up the deal all smooth like. Double ll's and double bang for yo' buck!

RAM Records

Vocal dnb done well in this long awaited new track from the duo repping the home of the genre, Bristol.

"The One (Danny Byrd Remix)"
Stanton Warriors
Universal Music

Extinguishing my chart's Danny Byrd virginity with a big old bang (metaphorically) - ridiculous considering the ledge he truly is.

Halogenix and Hyroglifics
Critical Music

Vague RnB feels to this off the new EP 'No Drama'...Each & Every also has a very nice vibe, a very nice vibe indeed.

"I Got A Fever"
Document One
Technique Recordings

A toe-steppy tinkler and top of the Beatport charts - brewing up everyone's body temperature by the looks!

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"Deep Down Low (Delta Heavy Remix)"
Valentino Khan

Well...they aint called Delta Light for a reason team.

"Hold Me Close (Zulishanti Remix)"

Philly kid Zulishanti has a lot of good tune to offer the scene... this one is a bit of a chiller bad boy killer... I suggest you give it a swirl!

"Angel Field"
Dawn Wall
Integral Records

Everyone loves a puzzle, so riddle me this - “One of the UK’s hottest drum & bass acts is going underground with a mystery alias to showcase their new sound; rekindling love for the deeper vibes. Going by the name of Dawn Wall - this pseudonym is one to watch and muster up intrigue for 2015.” Any ideas?

"Still Remains"
Riya ft. Hybrid Minds
Spearhead Records

Pretty tune. Riya is out with a whole set of sparklers with' Sublmination' on Spearhead at the end of the month and she's teamed up with Enei, Villem, Emperor, Break....girl got friends.

“I’m Sorry”
Pennygiles and Sevin
Integral Records

Sorry, not sorry.

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