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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 8.28.15 Chart


Hot damn! Hospital's Bank Holiday BBQ on Saturday + SW4 in Clapham Common on Sunday =  one very happy bunny (soon to be roadkill). It's ramping up to be a RAM vs. Hospo, can't-sleep-the-night-before, go hard or go home kind of weekend. My ankles are prematurely quaking in their poorly supported raving shoes and carbo loading is in full pre-dnb progress. Shut up ankles! More bread! Anticipation!!! It's a beautiful thing. I'll let you know how it all goes down next week...

Check the last chart here .... Magnetic's Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks - 8.21.15 Chart

Wilkinson ft. Shannon Saunders
RAM Records

So much justifiable hype! Standout tune from a standout fellah.

“Way Of The Warrior”
James Marvel ft. MC Mota

Bursting out of nowhere into top spot on the Beatport chart this week! In honour of the success, these two made a little thank you vid and  nifty acoustic version of the tune and posted it here.

"Where We Go"
Calyx & Teebee ft. Doctor
RAM Records

I feel like I have been waiting forever to share this with you lot.This was first played out back in 2014, so no doubt there are those amongst you who have been biding your time with far more patience than myself. Here's that payoff!

“You Or Me”
Enei ft Riya
Spearhead Records

Enei's a lad from the NZ collective who I have been meaning to feature on here for some time. And Riya? Well Riya's just killin' it.

“Eclipse (Champion & Cartoon Remix)”
Ryos ft. Allisa Rose
Enhanced Recordings

The victorious winners of Ryo’s remix comp!

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"Back In The Day"
Genetix and Habit
Ruffneck Ting

If James Brown did dnb...this is some funky jungle shit.

"Brand New"
Symmetry Recordings

'Congealed with an almost over the top amount of distorted pumping bass' - whoo, that description! Liking the B-side of this sampler. It brings the badness.

"Dreamz Dub"
C.I.A Records

Oh hello make me like it understated. Less is more. Dig.

Mefjus & InsideInfo
Virus Recordings

Leibniz was a German polymath and philosopher, and to this day he occupies a prominent place in the history of mathematics and the history of philosophy. Leibniz is also just a sick dnb track.

Swindle ft. TC

Bit of a guest appearance on the drum and bass scene for Swindle - a little jazz juice to boost your weekend several...levels.

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