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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 8.7.15 Chart


Contrary to the beliefs of Mr. Simpson above, I could personally do with less dnb in my Facebook events.The sheer variety and regularity of amazing music shit happening during summer has a tendency to lead me down the rabbit hole. My finances are a wreck...Andy C going all night again at the Brixton Academy - sure! Knife Party on the 31st in tribute of Halloween - be rude not to! 'Oh! Good to see you're attending that obscure dnb event down an uninhabited country road somewhere in Leicstershire'', my friends sarcastically remark in response to my 5th 'I'm Attending' notification bump. There is just too much temptation when you are crazed on the dnb so I'm going to make a conscious effort to get off RA and busy myself with the below instead...

Check the last chart for more beats

“Straight To Bad (Maztek VIP)”
Maztek ft. Grotesque
Icarus Audio

Send mum and dad out of the room - the intro to this bad little tune is not for their sensitive ears. Ass! Slut!'s all there and more! Poetry my friends, pure poetry.

“Glitterball (S.P.Y Remix)
Sigma ft. Ella Henderson
3beat Records

S.P.Y's involvement in this not so glittery remix of Glitterball has somehow managed to remove the stigma - now enjoyable on a completely guilt free level.

“Silverlined (Delta Heavy Remix)
XY Constant

Summer drum and bass at its absolute finest. Delta Heavy got you on this - believe that!

“Follow Me”
Document One
Technique Recordings

Ethereal vocals float over crisp and punchy drums, accompanied by long liquid bass tones, delicate trumpet and laid-back keys. It's a gentle soulful roller... But then it's suddenly not that at all. Document One puncture the atmosphere like a sharp intake of breath and kick us with a boot made from filthy bass. Sound like I knew what I was actually talking about for a second? Yeah, nicked that off the blurb. All true though!

"That Way"
Hybrid Minds
Spearhead Records

Getting soft in my old's bloody pretty okay!!

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InsideInfo ft. Mefjus
Viper Recordings

I dig these two individually so it makes me happy that they have found one another. Also, I feel like this choice balances out the one above - a redeeming track I feel.

“Platoon (Spectrasoul Remix)”
XL Recordings

This song is defying my every attempt to embed it in this chart. I respect it's selective release approach but still want to share it - I hope you will forgive the bare linkthrough below:

Noisia & The Upbeats
Vision Recordings

As a proud mouth breather myself, I am going to breathe my heaviest and heartiest in celebration of this fine collab by two of the hardest hitters in the dnb community.

“Show Some Love”
TC ft. Little Grace

Well, this track is just effing fantastic innit. Teach me to bag on TC last week. I’ll just be over here in the corner, with a fork and a napkin, munching back my words…

“Rude Bwoy feat. RDX (Aphrodite Remix)”
Instant Vibes

Fine vibes meet mentalist behaviourism in this undefinable banger. RUDE BWOY!

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