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Top 10 House Tracks of the Week – 8.13.15

Top 10 House Tracks of the Week – 8.13.15

House music flexes its muscles once again this week with ten high caliber tunes and Bicep shows off their guns as well as they boast the number one tune in the chart. Both Toolroom & Suara are in on the action in addition to Disclosure's new imprint, Method White as they are on the verge of releasing Eats Everything's massive new edit of "Let's Go Dancing". Plus, there is a new remix on Noir by house music's hottest star at the moment, Hot Since 82 who is hot off the heels of a massive three hour Essential Mix!

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1. “Only Love Can Set U-Free (Bicep Remix)” Dyone, First Choice Records

Hailing from Belfast, Andrew Ferguson together with Matthew McBriar are famously known to the dance music world as Bicep and for the past five years or so, the duo has been churning out their own unique contemporary spin on the golden era of house music from the early 1990s. They've even started to take on a whole new contemporary sound as is evident from their most recent Just EP on Aus Music which sounds light years ahead of it's time. However, they stick to the more traditional sound here with their highly effective take on the 1993 piano house classic, "Only Love Can Set U-Free" by Dyone.

2. “I Am Crying (Hot Since 82 Remix)” Onur Ozman, Noir Music

Once again, Hot Since 82 practically crushes the competition with his devastatingly hot remix of Onur Ozman's "I Am Crying".

3. “Dancing (Again!)” Eats Everything feat Tiga Vs Audion, Method White

Too much can be said about this dance-floor monster so I'll let Eats explain the background to how this mega tune was born:

"Dancing was born from playing at Bugged Out Weekender a few year back. I was playing my version of Ron Costa - Gez Uri & Breach had given me a copy of his track, Jack. I think I was one of the first to have it & I just stuck the Jack vocal over the Ron Costa thing on the fly & when it dropped the place went mental. From that shit loads of people kept sending me videos asking what this track was etc so I thought fuck it, went into the studio & fucked about more with the Ron Costa record & put the Jack vocal on top & made into an edit which became the highlight of mine & a lot of my DJ friends sets. Forward on a year & Tiga & Audion - Lets Go Dancing had just surfaced & it was massive. Jack was obviously a chart song by then so I had stopped playing it. I heard Lets Go Dancing & thought aha, this could replace the Jack vocal!! So I messaged the lovely Tiga, asked for the acapella & he obliged. I went back in the studio, edited the Jack track with the Tiga vocal & the behemoth was born. That was way over a year ago & it's been going mad in my sets & lots of other people's. So many people have been asking for this record so Disclosure & The Method boys came up with a plan to release it. All parties involved, Ron Costa, Tiga & Audion have all made the process of getting this record out to the people & now it's here & I hope people like it! :)"

4. “Some Mo” ONNO, Upon.You Records

Dutch producer, ONNO turns in a deep & dark production that would make one nostalgic for the dark tech-house sound from NYC in the 1990s.

5. “Do You Feel Me (Bontan Remix)” NY's Finest, Toolroom

Another piano house classic from 1993 in the chart gets re-worked this time from Toolroom regular, Bontan!

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6. “5.1” Billy Shane, Falk

The last time my ears were exposed to such a flawless fusion of house & techno in one track was Ashworth's floor-crusher from 2014, "Boa" or even Dense & Pika's 2013 colossal underground hit from 2013, "Colt". "5.1" is out now on Billy Shane's Hold Your Heart EP via Falk Recordings.

7. “Detroit Cellar” Jacob B, Say What? Recordings

Polish producer, Jacob B is currently offering up the strongest kicks in house music and his latest, "Detroit Cellar" is of course no exception!

8. “As You Jack” No Artificial Colours, Of Unsound Mind

"As You Jack" by UK duo No Artificial Colours is a highly impressive b-side off of the 11th release from the Of Unsound Mind imprint. That dark snyth fill before the break is sure to make any dance-floor go off!

9. “Can't Get Enough” The Checkup, Simma Black

Belgian duo, The Checkup turn in an ultra classy house music EP on the UK imprint Simma Black!

10. “Disarray” Tube & Berger feat. J.U.D.G.E., Suara

Take note because dance music's next star vocalist appears here on Tube & Berger's latest single via Suara. He goes by the name J.U.D.G.E. and he's already recorded for Eagles & Butterflies beautifully delicate single "LOVE" and Sante's late year hit from 2014, "Awake".

Stream the entire Top Ten Chart as a playlist below:

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