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Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 8.20.15


Hey there young world, how you doing? Here we are with Magnetic’s Top Indie Dance selections, only the choicest cuts of emotionally charged and dance floor focused works of deliciousness. Prepare your ears, limber up those legs, but don’t forget to stretch your heart, plenty of deep emotions are going to go through that muscle of yours. We’re in the dog days of summer, but no summer ain’t gone, so fall in love to one of these songs, and love away the rest of the summer that you got!

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”1989 feat. Banks”
Chet Faker
Opulent / Future Classic / Downtown
The song has been out for a minute, and then Banks comes along and lays her heartachingly beautiful voice all over the track. Some say there’s a beauty in the breakdown, so Chet & Banks make breaking up sound some kind of pretty.


”Ocean Drive”
Duke Dumont
Adam Dyment
The Duke’s sovereignty is the dance floor, and he reigns justly and passionately. He takes influence from the way back eighties and makes it all sound so relevant in his latest drive along the oceanside.


”Rock, Spank, Freak (Kon re-edit)
High Voltage
The empresario of classic disco cuts Kon opens up his vault to yet again unleash a remarkably amazing work of soulful funky disco!


”Boys Life”
Small Black
This is a song with my favorite kind of indie dance. The deep emotions, the innovative production, and a heartfelt vocal that’s singing words wonderfully written. Small Black’s chillwave game is very strong, and so is this song!


”Pasadena (Amtrac Remix)”
No Shame
Amtrac can’t stop, won’t stop with that remix magical touch. It’s got a very subtle nod in sound and style to an earlier Amtrac, you can barely hear it.

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”Life’s a Bitch (Kygo Remix)”
Nas feat. AZ
LOUD NOISES! OOOOOH BOY HE GON DON DID IT NOW! Kygo’s got that gusto to go where few producers ever dare to go. He takes on a rap icon, and his remix comes out on the other side as a sight to behold. Kygo, you keep on doing you; it’s working.


”Dancing (Again!)”
Eats Everything feat. Tiga Vs Audion
Method White
It’s my favorite song that is the gift that keeps on giving! This time Eats Everything takes full ownership from Tiga & Audion, so the apprentice has become the master. The fun doesn’t stop there though folks, it gets even better because it’s got the backing of the Disclosure all vinyl label! CAN IT GET ANY BETTER? Banger, banger, banger, bange, bang, ban, ba, b...


”Saving My Life”
Gorgon City feat. ROMANS

My favorite Gorgon City track to date! This means something because I’ve loved all of their other stuff, swear to god almighty. These boys are only getting better with age, so let’s keep this trend going with them Gorgon Vibes, ya heard me?


”You Don’t Have To Be Alone”
Body High
DJDS (fka DJ Dodger Stadium) are one hell of a superduo, and it’s all simple. Just two dogs making great tunes that move you body and soul. You think it’s just serendipity they release on Body High? Obviously I’m being sarcastic, but it’s a good goof.


"Fast Lane"
Best Laid Plans Limited
This one came out of nowhere and slapped me right across the feels as I listened to Beats 1 the other day. Blood Orange vibes with a dash of Future Island vocals, and I think we have a critical darling on our hands here ladies and gentlemen! The guitar and then that modulated background vocal launch me to another level!


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