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Top 10 Techno Tracks - 8.14.15 CHART

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Top 10 Techno Tracks - 8.13.15 CHART


From Comedy Central's Key & Peele

What’s up Magnetic Magazine readers! Welcome back to another installment of the top 10 techno chart. I have a lot of goodies for you this week so let’s get to it!


The Southern
[Comade Music]
The Southern is back with this deep and dark single off his latest 3 tracker, Kidston EP. The sonar-esque stab along with the deep and dark bass makes me think of what a party would be like in a dome 20,000 leagues under the sea.


“Going Dutch”
Cliff Lothar
Do you like acid? Well Cliff Lothar has dropped this acid drenched single as part of his four track Old Jams Die Hard #1 release. It has an old school vibe to it with a solid one-two punch beat.


“Cassette Tape”
Jacob B
[Say What? Recordings]
Thundering drums kick off this beastly single from Jacob B’s latest Detroit Cellar EP. This track is stripped back but has no shortage of energy. I really like spoken word sample he uses during the breakdown.


[Toolroom Trax]
The last time we saw Hollen on the chart was when he teamed up with Stefano Noferini for their “Rediscovered” release on Deeperfect. This time he is back on his own for a dope release on Toolroom Trax. “Premium” is the title track off the 2 cut EP and it delivers on the name. It hits heavy with a blooming lead line that keeps generating more and more energy.


“Cellar Door”
Maybe I have seen Donnie Darko too many times but the name of this track just jumped out at me. If it is related or not, I don’t know. However, I do know that Burnski has created a solid grooving track that I had to put on the chart. The bass line descends as if leading you down the stairs while delicate syncopated synth stabs give it an eerie energy as if you are exploring the mysteries behind the cellar door.

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“Focus USA”
Miguel Bastida
[Be One Records]
Miguel Bastida is back with his Focus series and this time he is zeroing in on the U.S.A. I featured his track, “Focus UK” on my February 11 chart, and I am happy to see the series coming back. “Focus USA” is full of bubbly, glichy stabs and warped vocal samples that call and respond perfectly to eachother. This is a tech house stomper that will definitely please the U.S. crowds and crowds around the world. Where will Bastida set his sights on next?


“I Wanna Go Bang”
I heard this on Alan Fitzpatrick’s recent guest mix on Drumcode Radio. It was the opening track and it grabbed my attention immediately. This is a no nonsense techno banger. I an a big fan of the vocal sample and I like Bjarki’s decision to go half-time with the clap in the beginning. It gives the track a clear energy build, which will have your head spinning by the end.


Steve Mulder
[Intec Digital]
Orange Recordings label boss lends his talents to one of techno’s finest labels, Intec Digital, for a two track EP called, Kusesai. The title track is a rolling techno beast with energy that will blow the roof off the club. The chanting onomatopoeic vocal sample serves as a great tribal element over the pounding sub bass that drives the party forward.


“Red Mist”
Jel Ford
Jel Ford has found a home at Drumcode and when you hear his music you will see why he is a perfect fit for the legendary label. “Red Mist” is the title track from his new 3 cut EP. It is high energy, pounding, get-down-and-dirty techno perfect for the peak hour of the night.


Technasia and Green Velvet
Currently sitting pretty at the #1 spot on the Beatport top 10 and it is no surprise considering the talent behind it, Technasia and Green Velvet. Whoever says electronic music has no soul should listen to this track immediately. The guitar samples were actually played by Technasia, the vocals were written and recorded by Green Velvet. When you combine those two elements with the rock solid, groovy tech house foundation, what you get is this seamless combination of blues and tech house that is rightfully getting a lot of attention.

Below is the full playlist for your enjoyment. Thanks for tuning in. I will see you for another installment of the top 10 techno chart!

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