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Top 10 Techno Tracks - 8.6.15 Chart

Top 10 Techno Tracks - 8/4/15



Hello Magnetic Magazine readers and lovers of all things tech! Welcome back to the top 10 techno chart. It is the middle of summer and producers have all been bringing their A game, dropping quality tunes left and right. This week’s chart is full of great cuts for the season. Just remember to stay safe out there in those record high temperatures. So grab a cool beverage and enjoy this weeks top 10 techno chart!


“Pik Poket”
[Say What? Recordings]
TN.T is a duo that I can’t seem to find much info about. I know they are from Birmingham, England, and that they can make a dope tech house track. Their latest release is a three tracker called, Rave EP, and it is out now on Say What? Records. This particular selection has a continuous shuffle, creating a solid foundation for the pair to launch those stabs and samples to tickle your eardrums. I also recommend checking out their release on Be One Records, Jack EP. I’m keeping my eye out for more from these guys.


“Odd Signals”
A++ and Lolla Tek
[Consumed Music]
There have been some great collaborative tracks released this year by A++ and Lolla Tek and this is another to add to the list. This tune has a fun bouncy feel because of its swinging bass line and pulsing elements sprinkled throughout. Gotta love that sidechain!


“Endless Games”
The two ladies known to the rest of the world as Blond:ish have recently released this single, along with a remix and dub mix from Patrice Baumel. This tune is choc full of airy stabs and pads that keep the energy up but not shoved in your face. It has a dark energy that slowly unfurls until the vocals break through like a ray of sunshine breaking through the storm clouds before the storm takes over again.


Mutlu San
[Petra Digital Recordings]
Coming to you from Istanbul, Mutlu San has released this glichy groove along with a killer remix from John Tejada. The track’s traveling energy keeps growing and evolving through Mutlu San’s meticulous arrangement and layering of synths, stabs, and vocals. I also recommend watching his “very live set” that he did for Boiler Room last year. He opens with a live sampled egg shaker and then starts building. I will be keeping my eye out for more from Mutlu San.


Ramiro Lopez
This is a huge track from techno chart regular Ramiro Lopez. The vocals and stabbing, popping synth line float through a meteor shower of pounding drums and percussion. Big thanks to the folks at Data Transmission for getting their hands on this stomper and even more thanks for making it a free download! Click "download" so it can be in your arsenal forever.

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[Toolroom Records]
Several charts back I said that Jaceo and Trent Cantrelle’s track Systematic Addict would be an anthem for the summer and now Jaceo has returned to Toolroom for his oh so perfectly summer, Coqueta EP. This tech house bumper is the title track and it is cool but keeps the party hot. The smooth vocal stabs compliment the swinging bass and pulsing synths.


“The Way U Like”
Gene Farris
[Relief Records]
Gene Farris knows how to drop the bass like a front kick to your chest. The laid-back vocals and twanging bass give the track a great shaggy feel. While some songs make you want to put your hands in the air, others make you want to get down and dirty. This is definitely the latter. I know you wanna do it.


“Outland 1”
Something about Dubspeeka’s music just, speaks to me. My introduction to his music was in January this year when he released his Primary EP. Since then he has released even more music that has appeared on both the techno and house charts here at Magnetic. This is the first track off his latest three track EP, Outland. It kicks off with a deep, dark, almost melancholic mood that hangs in the air like smoke, rising and falling in the breeze.


[17 Steps]
Strap your seatbelts on for this one, people. Dusky has just released the full four-track, Ordinary World EP on their own label, 17 Steps. I am a big fan of their Stick By This LP but that album had no tracks with this kind of energy. This track is a banging, peak hour, tech house monster. It is a huge, pounding, pulsing beat with screeching synths, airy effects, and a great vocal sample that will have the crowd in a tizzy. With their versatility and evolution as producers I am certain that Dusky will keep climbing to the forefront of electronic music.


[Life And Death]
Legendary producer, DJ, and label boss, Scuba, is long overdue for a spot on the techno chart. The Hotflush boss takes his talents to Life And Death to drop this blooming techno beast. The reverb and dubbed out effects definitely fit the name of the track. I can picture being inside a glacial cave with any and all sounds echoing throughout the cavern. Unlike a glacier however, this track will heat up any dancefloor that it is unleashed upon.

Below is the full playlist for you to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and I will see you next week!

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