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Venetian Snares In Serious Need of Help From His Fans

Venetian Snares


Photo by Adam Michaud

The Canadian producer Venetian Snares has run into a bit of trouble and is asking his fans, who love and support his music, to lend a helping hand if they can. The music industry is a fast paced world where money seems to be an issue for many underground musicians trying to make a living by sharing their wonderfully crafted productions. Venetian Snares has quickly become a musician who's finances have developed into an issue and when you have a loyal fan base you should be able to ask them for anything and asking them to purchase your music is a reasonable request.

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If you are a loyal fan and wish to see Venetian Snares back on his feet, check out his Bandcamp page where all of his releases are currently available for purchase. The Planet Mu affiliate hasn't yet stated why he's come into serious financial trouble, but we hope this can all be sorted and he can get back to sharing more music.

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