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Was The Good Morning America Major Lazer & DJ Snake Performance A Good Idea? (OpEd)

Was The Good Morning America Major Lazer & DJ Snake Performance A Good Idea? (OpEd)

My gut reaction this morning when I heard about the Good Morning America appearance of Major Lazer x DJ Snake was one of panic. What? Are you sure it's Major Lazer we are talking about here? And much to my dismay, it was true.

Let's just start off by saying I've got an enormous amount of respect for Diplo, he's been innovating and growing ever since he started off with Hollertronix, which many of you might not even know about (but should). We put him on the cover of BPM Magazine pre-EDM HYPE when the dude was deep in the heart of Brazil making documentaries and flipping over Baile Funk beats. He's always been someone interesting to watch as he's always pushing the limits and his own boundaries as an artist.

Recently that cred that has endured might have come into question for many, especially the Bieber x Jack U. collab that even I was a bit surprised with considering what Bieber represents. Now it's Major Lazer on a corny middle of the road morning program like Good Morning America?

I understand all bands need publicity, but at what cost? A band like Major Lazer might be more suited for Jimmy Kimmel, but GMA? Everything about it just feels wrong and utterly forced.

The more toward the mainstream you push, the more mainstream your music gets and by then it's too late, you've left your real fans behind in search of more popularity to an audience that only really likes the watered down version of you.

Electronic Dance Music is going through this right now, this major identity crisis that's craving this approval of the mainstream so much that it's completely lost its essence.

It was kind of like what happened with some of the more hardcore punk bands as they started to cross over, bands like Bad Religion went from full on slam pit punk to a flaccid version of themselves that made them Soft Religion. They didn't grow as a band; they just started to suck, and their fans bailed on them.

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This kind of promotional appearance to me is just disappointing because it just doesn't feel legit. Even the Krewella performance on GMA was a car crash, and they are a full-on EDM Pop act. It just didn't work, it was like watching your mom trying to Twerk drunk at a wedding.

"Hey honey, is this what all you kids are doing these days, TWEEEEERK it." Just picture it in your head for a moment. Ewwww.

I hope we don't see any more of these GMA slots, stick to the late night programming if you are going to do TV appearances. Just watch the Krewella one below as well, if you are not completely uncomfortable by the 20-second mark, I will be surprised. You feel self-conscious even watching it, kind of like the way Larry David makes you feel in Curb Your Enthusiasm with his incredibly awkward outbursts. Yikes.

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