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Watch: Calvin Harris Quits Day Job, Becomes Taylor Swift's Cat Sitter

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Calvin Harris Quits Day Job, Becomes Taylor Swift's Cat Sitter

Yeah, not really. You just clicked on this so enjoy the spoils, this is truly a video of one Calvin Harris looking after two felines that belong to one Taylor Swift. You have just gotten a behind the scenes glimpse of what it's like to be the big superstar DJ C. Harris. It's not all caviar and limos, it seems like there are some cat treats and a bit of litter box duty on the agenda as well.

When your girlfriend makes 40x more than you do and you yourself are already so fucking rich that you will never have to work again, or your family, or their family or their family after that. No one's really going to have to work, fucking ever really.

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Back to the point, the least you could do is look after her kitties or better yet you could take them to one your gigs and let them play in the green room. I'm sure one of your pilled up groupies would have no problem petting them for hours and hours. "Kitty is Soooooooooo Soft"

Don't lose those cats though Calvin, we repeat, DO NOT lose those fucking cats. Also, we sure hope that's organic cat food you are feeding them, you know because you probably could afford to have an organic chicken farm behind your house just for the cats.

You just read this. You should be listening to our Jeff Mills interview to get your IQ points back. Fair trade, a little dumb entertainment for some silly informative and inciteful interview, that's a deal we think.

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