Watch: deadmau5 trolls confused gamers at DOTA concert


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Throngs of confused gamers made their way to Seattle for The International 5, Valve's massive $18 million championship tournament for DOTA 2. To mark the closing ceremony, surprise guest deadmau5 came to the decks to play a set, but it doesn't appear to have connected with the people attending the event.

Likely frustrated, deadmau5 turned the concert into a giant troll, abruptly cutting from "Strobe" to Avicii's "Levels" before shutting the music, running around with his arms flailing about, and exiting the room. This isn't the first time deadmau5 has played "Levels", previously throwing out the Avicii hit during his Ultra 2014 set, but then it was more tongue-in-cheek.

Redditors are speculating all sorts of reasons for the muted reception, from poor schedule planning to a slow start to the set compared to the hype of the championship match immediately prior. Others who were at the set insist that the crowd wasn't as lame as the video would have you believe, and there were segments of the arena having a good time visibly, just not the ones that were being shown.

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Either way, Valve needs to beef up the quality of their camera work on the live stream: a few bad shots can make a decent crowd look overwhelmingly bored. Just look at what the BBC can do, or all of Tidal's top-notch video content (one of their few big strengths).

Afterwards, deadmau5 played another set at the International 5 afterparty, which he "enjoyed a lot more" according to a Tweet on the subject.

H/T: reddit via Beatport

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